Edited and Translated by A. Charles Muller
1. Foreword
2. Taehyeon’s Life and Works
A. Taehyeon’s Life
B. Taehyeon’s Writings
3. Taehyeon’s Mahāyāna Vinaya Studies
A. Silla Research on the Sutra of Brahmā’s Net
B. Sutras, Vinayas, śāstras, and Commentaries quoted in the Beommanggyeong gojeokgi
C. Characteristics of the Beommanggyeong gojeokgi
D. Influence in Japan
E. Taehyeon’s Interpretive Approaches toward the Sutra of Brahmā’s Net
4. Meeting the Demands for Secular Relevance
A. Taehyeon’s View of the Sutra of Brahmā’s Net and "Filial Piety" 孝 and "Obligation for Kindnesses Received" 恩
B. Other Regulations for Dealing with the World of the Time
5. Vinaya Thought through the Three Pure Sets of Precepts
6. References
Commentator’s Preface
1. Time and Place
2. Capacity [of the Audience]
3. How it is categorized within the canon
4. Circumstances and Details regarding the Translation
5. Doctrinal Tenets 宗趣
6. The Title 題名
Main Text
Ten Grounds 十地
1. Ground of the Equality of the Essence 體性平等地
2. Ground of the Skillful Wisdom of the Essence 體性善慧地
3. Ground of the Luminosity of the Essence 體性光明地
4. Ground of the Knowability of the Essence 體性爾焰地
5. Ground of Wisdom-Illumination of the Essence 體性慧照地
6. Ground of the Floral Radiance of the Essence 體性華光地
7. Ground of Completion of the Essential Nature 體性滿足地
8. Ground of the Buddha’s Roar of the Essential Nature 體性佛吼地
9. Ground of the Flower Ornamentation of the Essence 體性華嚴地
10. Ground of Entry into the Buddha Realm of the Essential Nature 體性入佛界地
The Grave Precepts
1. Invocation 付囑
A. The Teaching Transmitted to the Transformation-body Buddhas 化佛傳說
B. Repaying of Kindness and Separate Iteration of the Teaching 報恩別化
C. The Exhortation 策發
D. The Bodhisattva Precepts
E. Preface on the Formation of the Precepts 結戒序
2. The Main Sermon 正說分
A. General Outline 總標
3. The Ten Grave Precepts 十重戒
A. Prohibition of Pleasurable Killing 快意殺生戒第一
B. Prohibition of Stealing the Property of Others 劫盜人物戒第二
C. Prohibition of the Heartless Pursuit of Lust 無慈行欲戒第三經
D. Prohibition of Intentional Lying 故心妄語戒第四經
E. Prohibition of the Sale of Alcohol 酤酒生罪戒第五經
F. Prohibition of Speaking of the Faults of Others 談他過失戒第六經
G. Prohibition of Praising Oneself and Disparaging Others 自讚毀他戒第七
H. Prohibition of Stinginess and Abuse of Others 慳生毀辱戒第八
I. Prohibition of Holding Resentments and Not Accepting Apologies 瞋不受謝戒第九
J. Prohibition of Denigration of the Three Treasures 毀謗三寶戒第十
K. Conclusion 結成門
The Minor Precepts
1. Preface to the Minor Precepts 輕戒序文
A. Concluding the Former [Grave Precepts] and Initiating the Latter [Minor Precepts] 結前生後
2. Enumeration of the Precepts 次第誦出
A. Division of Ten Precepts 判十戒
B. Division of Ten Precepts 判十戒
C. Division of Ten Precepts 判十戒
D. Division of Nine Precepts 判九戒
E. Division of Nine Precepts 判九戒
3. General Conclusion 總結
A. Dissemination Section 流通分

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Published: Wednesday, August 22, 2012