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The Korean Buddhism information page provides links to sites containing information on Korean Buddhism, including general resources, information on monasteries, teaching and practice centers, art and architecture in Korean Buddhism, and various other related categories.

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Korean Buddhism - Resources and Information

Korean Buddhism - Documents and Writings

Korean Buddhism - Art and Architecture

Korean Buddhism - Projects

  • The Haeinsa Koryô Daejanggyông (Tripitaka) Input Project. The initial input of data was completed in December of 1995, and a CD-ROM has been published. Data correction, and improvement of the format of the publication is ongoing.
  • Wônhyo Translation Project: A project cooperatively initiated by the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Dongguk University in Korea, which aims to complete the translation of the extant works of Korean Buddhism's most prolific and influential thinker, Wônhyo (617-686).
  • Dongguk University: Digitization of Han'guk pulgyo chônsô (The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism), currently in progress.

Korean Buddhism - Monasteries and Teaching-Practice Centers

I. Korea

II. United States

  • The Kwan Um School of Zen: (, USA) An international Korean Zen practice organization. This site contains a full complement of information related to the school, concerning such things as its founder (Seung Sahn), its teachers, Primary Point Press, Kyol Che retreat schedules, practice groups and zen centers. As of 6/1/97, this site has added an on-line archive of articles by leading teachers of the Kwan Um school.
  • Sounsa Temple ( Upton, MA. Site contains information on the temple's location, schedule, teacher and other background. The abbess is from the Chogye order. The temple was originally opened for the Korean-American linguistic community, but presently seeks to widen its scope to include teaching in English.

Korean Buddhism - Academic (Graduate Level) Studies Opportunities

(There are far more academic institutions offering graduate work in Korean Buddhism than are listed here, especially in Korea and in Europe. Those having any information for this section area highly encouraged to pass it along for posting).


  • Dongguk (Tongkuk) University - Seoul, Korea. This is Korean Buddhism's primary university and the largest Buddhist university in Korea. It is a part of the Chogye Order and has a program that is strongest in the area of the Sôn tradition. Faculty includes laity as well as monks and nuns. Dongguk houses a large Korean Buddhist library.
  • Academy of Korean Studies
    Songnam-si, Korea.
    50 Unjung-dong,
    Pundang-gu, Songnam-si, Kyonggi-do, 463-791, Korea.
    Phone: (82) [02] (234) 8111.
    Fax (82) [0342] (46) 1531.
  • Seoul National University - Seoul, Korea.
    Contact person: Professor Woncheol Yun.
    Fax: (82) [02] 880 6025.
  • Won Kwang University - The major university for Won Buddhism.

United States

  • University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
    Los Angeles, California. Contact person: Professor Robert E. Buswell, Jr., Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA. The UCLA Department of Asian Languages and Cultures provides information through its home page
  • State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook
    Stony Brook, New York. The Comparative Studies program now has two Korean Buddhist Specialists, Prof. Sung Bae Park and Prof. Sung Taek Cho, supplemented by the presence of a specialist in Korean Confucianism, Prof. Mark Setton. Contact person, Professor Sung Bae Park, Director, Program in Korean Studies, Department of Comparative Studies, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY, 11794-3725. Phone: (1) 516-632-7311; E-mail:
  • University of California at Berkeley
    Berkeley, California. UC Berkeley has is a Ph.D. program in Buddhist Studies. As a part of this degree program students may focus the final research on Korea. Languages required for completion of the degree with the Korean emphasis: Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and at least one European language. Contact person: Professor Lewis Lancaster. Department of East Asian Languages, University of California at Berkeley CA 94720 USA. E-mail:


    Several universities in Japan, including Tokyo University, Komazawa University and Hanazono University support thesis work in Korean Buddhism, but there are presently no recognized authorities on Korean Buddhism offering instruction.

General Resources for Korean Studies

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