Torquil Duthie

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Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures

Department: Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
290 Royce Hall and 11385 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1540
Campus Mail Code: 154003
Phone: 310-794-8942

Keywords: Japan, Asia, Japanese Literature

Torquil Duthie’s main area of specialization is the literature and cultural history of the Asuka and Nara periods. His research interests include early and classical Japanese poetry, myth, and historical writing, narrative theory and the representation of subjectivity in premodern Japanese literature, the role of literary culture in the representation of the state, and seventeenth and eighteenth century kokugaku (“native learning”) and its relationship to modern and contemporary philology and theory. He teaches classical Japanese and kanbun, and undergraduate classes and graduate seminars on a variety of premodern topics. He is the author of Man’yōshū and the Imperial Imagination in Early Japan (Brill, 2014), of a book of translated selections from the Kokinshū into Spanish, and of research articles in English and Japanese. He is currently working on a book on literary writing, ritual, and historiography in Early Japan, and on a translation into English of selections from the Kokinshū.