Seunghak Koh

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Department: Asian Languages & Cultures, Anthropology, Art History

Keywords: China, Japan, Asia, India, South Asia, Cultural anthropology, Buddhist Studies, Tibet

Seunghak Koh is an HK Research Professor at Dongguk University. His research interests include the Chinese and Korean scholastic tradition, especially that of Huayan Buddhism; lay Buddhist figures such as Li Tongxuan; interaction between Buddhism and Chinese indigenous philosophy such as the Zhou Yi, Daoism, Yin-Yang and Five Phases theory. Seunghak is currently working on his dissertation, “Li Tongxuan's Thought and Place in the Huayan Tradition.” His most recent publications are: “Li Tongxuan’s (635-730) Thought and Place in the Huayan Tradition,”and “Li Tongxuan’s Utilization of Chinese Symbolism in the Explication of the Avataṃsaka–sūtra,” Asian Philosophy 20(2), 2010; and “Taesŭng kisillon esŏ kkaedarŭm kwa hunsŭp ŭi kwan’gye” (The Relation between Enlightenment and ‘Vāsanā’ [Permeation] in the Awakening of Faith in the Mahāyāna), Pulgyohak yŏn’gu 4, 2002.