Maya Stiller

Maya Stiller specializes in Korean Buddhist art and culture. She is currently an associate professor at the University of Kansas, where she teaches courses in Korean art and visual culture (ancient through modern and contemporary). Under the tutelage of Robert Buswell, John Duncan, William Bodiford, Gregory Schopen, and Burglind Jungmann, she earned a Ph.D. in Asian Languages & Cultures from UCLA in 2014. Her book Carving Status at Kŭmgangsan was published by University of Washington Press in 2021. Maya is currently working on her second book project, Korean Buddhist Temple Economy, which highlights several strategies including fundraising and manufacturing that Korean temples use(d) to become economically self-sufficient. Concurrently she is also working on her third book project, Awakened Masters and Fighting Monks: Shifting Identities of Korean Buddhist Monasteries in Chosŏn Korea, which is a regional study of Buddhist dharma lineages at monasteries in southeastern Korea.