Robert and Patsy Sung

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"We believe that the Center for Chinese Studies can play a major role in enhancing intercultural sensitivity and adaptability through education."

For example, it can foster a keener awareness, deeper knowledge, better understanding, and appreciation of the finer Chinese civilization, culture and heritage, values, and social structures. By bringing global perspectives and the contemporary relevance of research and study in and about China, the Center can also reinforce the teachings of ethics and virtues in the tradition of classical Chinese education.

Our hope is that future scholars and leaders will benefit from the wisdom and lessons learned from China's past in their efforts to bring peace, prosperity and harmony to the world. That is why we believe the Center deserves our and your support."

In addition to their engagement with the Center, Robert and Patsy are honored to have been invited to sit as founding members on the UCLA Library Board of Visitors, where they hope to play a part in ensuring the excellence of library resources including those of the Chinese collection.

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Published: Friday, September 23, 2005