Archive of Past Issues

Archive of past issues from 1985-1998

Volume 1 (1985)

Jean-Luc Krawczyk, The Relationship Between Pastoral Nomadism and Agriculture: Northern Syria and the Jazira in the Eleventh Century.

Michael G. Fry, Appeasement: The Middle Eastern Factor, 1933-1939.

Osamu Miyata, Khalil Maleki During the Oil Nationalism Period in Iran.

Patricia Olianski, Gilgamesh and Enkidu: How Old Were They?

Volume 2 (1986)

John D. Lowe, A Medieval Instance of Gresham's Law: The Fatimid Monetary System and the Decline of Bimentalism.

Elie Chalala, Central Issues in the Debate on Arab Nationalism in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Vincent Cornell, ‘Ilm al-Qur'an in Al-Andalus: The Tafsir Muharrar in the Works of Three Authors.

Fahd Abdullah al-Semmari, The Role of the Ulama in the Algerian Revolution: 1945-1954.

Simon Davis, The Phaistos Disk: A Hittite Spell?

Volume 3 (1987)

Stephan Astourian, The Sykes-Picot Agreement Revisited: Behavioral Models and Diplomatic History.

Gayle McKenzie, Obstacles to Economic Development in the Rural Sector of Modern Iraq.

Hasan Ud Din Hashmi, Al-Hallaj Between Reality and Misunderstanding.

Thomas B. Stevenson, The Msahhar: A Contextual Interpretation of a Specialized Yemeni Crier.

Volume 4 (1988)

Weston F. Cook, Jr., Warfare and State Building in Early Modern Morocco (1497-1517).

Mona Fayad, Colonial Refractions: The Image of the West in Modern Arabic Literature.

Rick Hasen, The Strength of the Gush Emunim Infrastructure.

Volume 5 (1989)

Jeffrey T. Kenney, The Emergence of the Khawarij: Religion and the Social Order in Early Islam.

Reuven Snir, Human Existence According to Kafka and Salah ‘Abd al-Sabur.

Süle Özler, Sources of Debt Rescheduling: Turkey in the 1970s.

Samy Swead Shavit, Islamic Fundamentalism: From Evolution to Revolution

Volume 6 (1990)

Maziar Behrooz, Iran's Fadayan 1971-1988: A Case Study in Iranian Marxism.

Jane I. Smith, Trends in the Study of the Religion of Islam: Recent Works in English.

Elie Chalala and Iskander Mansour, Elias Khoury on Politics and Culture under Civil War: An Interview Essay.

Volume 7 (1991)

Sherifa Zuhur, Flexibility, Not Evolution: Egyptian Women and the Islamist Message.

Ali Bakr Hassan, Education in Egypt During Isma'il's Era (1863-1879).

Sasan Fayamanesh, U.S. Foreign Policy and the Persian Gulf War.

Volume 8 (1992)

Stephan A. Harmon, Shaykh Ma' Al-'Aynayn: Armed Resistance and French Policy in Northwest Africa, 1900-1910.

Firoozeh Papan-Matin, Shamlu's Roxana: The Midnight Sun.

M. Atho Mudzhar, Fatwas and Social Interaction in Modern Indonesia.

Azadeh Kian, The Tudeh Party of Iran: Political Violence or Political Legalism?

Mohamed-Saleh Omri, Literature of the Nineties in Tunisia: Making Sense of the Fin de Siècle.

Volume 9 (1993)

Seema V. Atalla, Texts of Exile: Palestinians and the Promised Land.

Monica Ringer, Charisma and Myth: The Iranian Revolution and the End of Time.

Wendy Shaw, Stylizing the French Sudan.

Volume 10 (1994)

Kamran Aghaie, Reinventing Karbala: Revisionist Interpretations of the “Karbala Paradigm.”

Brian F. Begy, The State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and the Origins of the Cold War in the Near East: A Reinterpretation.

Patricia Kabra, Through a Glass Darkly: Portrayals of the Hafsids of Ifriqiya.

Robert Gleave, The Akhbari-Usuli Dispute in Tabaqat Literature: An Analysis of the Biographies of Yusuf al-Bahrani and Muhammad Baqir al-Bihbihani.

Volume 11 (1995)

Sandra Campbell, Millenial Messiah or Religious Restorer: Reflections on the Early Islamic Under-standing of the Term Mahdi.

Nancy Ajung Um, Pilgrims and Spice and Everything Nice: Re-mapping Medieval Upper Egypt.

Catherine Sweet, U.S.-Iraqi Relations and Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait.

Volume 12 (1996)

Maya Yazigi, Writing the Biography of Az-Zubayr ibn al-‘Awwam: Explaining Some Controversial Accounts in the Sunni Tabaqat Literature.

Qamar-ul Huda, Reflections on Muslim Ascetics and Mystics: Sufi Theories on Annihilation and Subsistence.

Mani Haghighi, Fundamentalism as Postmodernism: An Iranian Case Study.

Julie Taylor, A Need for Resolve: The Failure of U.S. Compellent Strategy in the Gulf War.

Volume 13 (1997)

From the Editor v Articles

Shifting Gears in the Desert: Trucks, Guilds and National Development
in Iran, 1921-1941
David N. Yaghoubian 1

The Contentious Twins: Religion and State in Medieval Persian
Political Thought
Fariba Taghavi 37

The Triumph of Arabism: The Shu‘‚biyyah Controversy and the
National Identity of Modern Iraq
Ferida Jawad 53

Book Reviews

Karen Barkey and Mark Von Hagen, After Empire: Multiethnic
Societies and Nation-Building (Michael Reynolds) 89

Clifford Edmund Bosworth, The History of the Saffarids of Sistan
and the Maliks of Nimruz (Touraj Daryaee) 95

Mary Ann Koury Danner, Miftah al-Falah wa Mi`ba? al-Arwa?,
and Vincent J. Cornell, The Way of Ab‚ Madyan (Richard J.A. McGregor) 98

John Renard, Seven Doors to Islam: Spirituality and the Religious
Life of Muslims (Nabil Al-Tikriti) 103

D.A. Spellberg, Politics, Gender and the Islamic Past:
The Legacy of ‘A'isha Bint Ab¬ Bakr (Sandra Campbell) 108

Film Review

Mansooreh Saboori, I Shall Salute the Sun Once Again.
Profile of a Poet: A Documentary About Forugh Farrokhzad
(Elham Gheytanchi) 111

Volume 14 (1998)

From the Editor v Articles

The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment in Jordan
Hamed El-Said 1

Thus Sprang Zarathustra: A Brief Historiography on
the Date of the Prophet of Zoroastrianism
Reza Aslan 21

New Reflections in Medieval Mirrors: Reinterpreting Images of
Women in Andarz and Akhlaq Literature
Steven A. Stofferahn 35

Weaving Through Cultures, Transpassing Broken Bridges
[Interview with Rafigh Pooya]
Azadeh Farahmand 55

Book Reviews

Nathan Brown, The Rule of Law in the Arab World:
Courts in Egypt and the Gulf (Arang Keshavarzian) 67

Sondra Hale, Gender Politics in Sudan: Islamism,
Socialism, and the State (Hussam S. Timani) 71

Wilferd Madelung, The Succession to Muhammad:
A Study of the Early Caliphate (Maya Yazigi) 75

W. Stevenson Smith, The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
(Lynn Swartz Dodd) 79

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Published: Thursday, February 26, 2004