Chinese Documentaries 2019 – International Symposium and Screenings

Photo for Chinese Documentaries 2019 – International
Saturday, October 12, 2019
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Chinese Documentaries 2019 – International Symposium and Screenings Presented by
Division of Humanities
Center for Chinese Studies
Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library
University of California, Los Angeles


10/12/2019 (Saturday) 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Refreshment 12:30 PM)
Library Presentation Room, 11348 YRL, UCLA

Academic Symposium / 10:00-12:30 / 13:30-16:00
Zhifeng Hu胡智锋 (BNU): Three Dimensions of Chinese Documentary Making in Recent Years
Tongdao Zhang张同道 (BNU): Chinese Education in Documentary
Yiwen Wang王宜文 (BNU): Chinese Expression under the Background of “Big Era”
Chenghu Yang杨乘虎 (BNU): Documentary and National Image Building
Gang Chen陈刚 (BNU): Real Fiction and Fictional Reality: Media Text and Historical Narrative of
Contemporary Historical Documentary in China
Qipeng Fan樊启鹏 (BNU): From the perspective of First-person Documentary
Jing Wu吴静 (BNU): Comparative study of Tracking Documentaries——Take "7 Up","21 Up
America" and "Born in 2000" as Examples
Fei Xing邢菲 (BNU): Hosting a Screening by Crowd-Funding —— the New Way of Bringing
Documentary Works to Ordinary Audience in China
Yifan Wang王一帆 (BNU): The Research of Family Culture in Chinese Documentary
Shizhe Zhang张士哲 (BNU): “The River in Me”: the Chinese Native Tone Recorded by Film and
Television Anthropology
Xiaolv Zhang张晓绿 (BNU): Analyzing the Inheritance and Change of Chinese Family Culture
from the Documentary “Four Springs”
Meng Yuan袁梦 (BNU): Viewing the Image Expression of “The Story of Chuaner” from the
Cinematic Language
Lin Du 杜琳 (UCLA): Striking Balance in the Tumult of Power: The Production Culture of Chinese
Film Industry in the 1950s through the Case of Film From Victory to Victory
Yiyang Hou 侯弋飏 (UCLA): Tracing the Currents of Modernity: The Yangtze River and its
Cinematic Embodiment in Three Chinese Films
Shiqi Lin 林诗琦 (UCI): Politics of Anxiety in Documenting Disappearance
Xingyu Pan 潘星宇 (UCLA): Xiao Wu: Jia Zhangke’s Meditation on the Marginality in Post
Socialist China
Yuzhou Wang王玉舟 (UCLA): Her Past and Present: The Perceived Femininity in The Original
and Remake of Manhunt in China


Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies