Mapping the Territory: Religion, Place, and Space in Asian Humanities

Session One: “Mapping the Territory” in Premodern China

Photo for Mapping the Territory: Religion, Place,

Rajgir, Bihar State, India (Photographed by Thomas Newhall)

Saturday, January 16, 2021
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Live via Zoom

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About the Conference:
Religious movements carried out by various human activities define a place and space, and occasionally vice versa. What fascinating stories do these mutual interactions yield? This conference seeks to bring together scholars to metaphorically “map” the territory that encompasses the relationship between religion and place across Asia. We will explore topics including but not limited to historical studies of religious practices and places, literary studies of texts and ritual spaces, ethnographic studies on religious landscapes, and archeological studies on religious sites and artifacts. In this event, we will investigate how spaces and places, either real or imagined, contribute to contemplative, ritualistic, artistic, or ethical aspects of life within religious traditions, texts, and activities throughout Asia.

Session One: Mapping the Territory in Premodern China - 1/16/2021

Keynote Speaker:
Sonya S. Lee, University of Southern California, Associate Professor of Art History, East Asian Languages & Cultures, and Religion
Three Modes of Sustainability in the Management of Cave Temples in China

Presenters and Topics:
Tristan Brown, Assistant Professor, Department of History at MIT
Mapping Fengshui in Late Imperial China

Wanmeng Li, Ph.D. Candidate, Asian languages and Cultures at UCLA
Seeing the Mountain as a Body:  Inner Alchemical Vision of the Dongxiao Landscape in Song Literati Poetry

Yeohoon Choi, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Art History at UCLA
Furnishing with Sacred Fragrance: Wang Meng's Painting of Zhilan Chamber and the Sacred Landscape of Fourteenth-century Hangzhou


Session Two: Mapping the Territory Across Asia and Throughout the World - 1/30/2021

Session Three: Mapping the Territory of Buddhist Ritual Practices - 2/13/2021

Session Four: Mapping the Territory in the Late Imperial Era - 2/27/2021

For more details about subsequent sessions, please refer to the Conference Schedule below.


This conference is co-sponsored by UCHRI, UCLA Center for Chinese Studies, UCLA Asia Pacific Center, and UCLA Center for the Study of Religion.

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Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, Asia Pacific Center