From Tradition to Modernity: In Conversation with Xing Minshan 邢岷山

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Rolfe Hall 1200

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Xing Minshan (邢岷山) is an actor and performer whose body of work spans opera, television, and film. Born in 1965, he has been a performer for 44 years, over the course of which he has been featured in 19 films, 1600 television episodes, and over 500 Kunqu performances. He graduated from the Zhejiang Kunqu School in 1983 and later from the Beijing Film Academy as a performance major in 1991. He has taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In this event, Xing Minshan will discuss his experience working in the Chinese film and television world, as well as his training in the art of Kunqu opera. In Chinese with English interpretation.

This will be an in-person event that is part of the UCLA course Popular Culture in Modern Chinese Societies.

在44 年的表演生涯中,完成了超过500 场昆曲舞台表演,出演了19 部电影、近1600 集电视剧集,并且在90%作品中担任男主角。多部作品创下票房及收视冠军,并获得中国电影、电视界最高奖——“百花奖”、“飞天奖”的奖项和提名。中国电影家协会会员、中国电视艺术家协会会员、中国电影表演艺术学会会员。
1965 年8 月22 日出生于浙江省杭州市。1978 年考入浙江昆剧团学习昆剧表演,工文武老生;1983 年毕业,任该团演员。涉足昆曲九年间,跟随昆曲第一代“传”字辈表演艺术大师周传瑛、包传铎、郑传鉴、沈传锟、王传蕖以及第二代“世”字辈张世铮、计镇华等前辈,修习并公演了几十出昆曲传统及新编剧码,是中国昆曲第四代“秀”字辈传承人。1987 年考入北京电影学院表演系,主修影视表演;1991 年毕业,获文(电影表演)学士学位。
2015、2018 年出任香港中文大学和声书院客座教授。

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