Peony Pavillion

Directors & Consultants

wang shiyuWang Shiyu -- Artistic & Production Editor

Wang Shiyu is an internationally renowned kunqu artist & former director of the Zhejiang Peking & Kunqu Opera Arts Theater. Mr. Wang is National Class One Performer and a recipient of the third annual Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theater. He is well known for his jinsheng (young scholars) roles.

zhangZhang Jiqing -- Artistic Consultant

Zhang Jiqing is the Honorary Director of the Kunqu Opera Theater of Jiangsu Province. She is a National Class One Performer and the winner of the first Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theater.

Wang Tung (Wang Toon) -- Art Director & Costume Design

Wang Tung received a degree in fine arts from National Taiwan University of Arts and studied theater at the University of Hawaii. He has contributed to over one hundred and ten film productions, of which he was the director of fourteen. Among the films he has directed is Hill of No Return, which won Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award for Best Film.

Tong Yangtze -- Calligraphic Design

A world-renowned calligrapher, Tong Yangtze began studying calligraphy at the age of eight. Upon graduating from the Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan Normal University, she entered the University of Massachusetts, from which she received an M.F.A. She integrates Western art theories and compositions with modern graphic design and traditional esthetics to create a vigorous brush style

Austin M.C. Wang -- Set Design

Austin M.C. Wang holds an M.F.A. in Scenery and Lighting from the University of Southern California. He has served as, among others, lighting designer with the Tai Gu Tales Dance Theater for the Back of Beyond, which was presented in Hamburg, Paris, and Taipei.

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