Vijay Dhir

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Distinguished Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
7400 BH/48-121 Engr IV
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1600
Campus Mail Code: 160010
Phone: 310-825-8507
Fax: 310-206-4061

Keywords: Asia, India, South Asia, Engineering

Two-phase heat transfer, boiling and condensation, thermal and hydrodynamic stability, thermal hydraulics of nuclear reactors, microgravity heat transfer, soil remediation.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Son, G., and Dhir, V.K., "Numerical Simulation of Melting of a Horizontal Substrate Placed
  • Beneath a Heavier Liquid," Int J Heat & Mass Transfer 41, 89E9, 1998.
  • Dhir, V.K., "Boiling Heat Transfer," Annual Reviews of Fluid Mechanics 30, 365E01, 1998.
  • Son, G. and Dhir, V.K., "Numerical Simulation of Film Boiling Near Critical Pressures with a Level Set Method," J Heat Transfer 120 183&ndsah;192, 1998.
  • Fotinich, A., Dhir, V.K., and Lingineni, S., "Experimental Investigation of Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Diesel Fuel," Journal of Environmental Engineering, January 1999.

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