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Call for Applications: 2021 Korean Literature Review Contest

Photo for Call for Applications: 2021 Korean

Image provided by Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea)

Call for Applications to the 2021 Korean Literature Review Contest

○ Application Period: July 22 (Thu) – November 28 (Sun) 2021

○ Contest Topic: Select and review from the book list

* Please find the book list in the attached in the original event notice here

○ Eligibility: Anyone interested in Korean literature

※ US residents only

※ You can participate as a team only in the Media Content category.

○ Submission: Email submission to, including the following information:
- Name, E-mail address, Contact number, Book title, Title and Description of entry work, Original copy of entry work(Essay, Video, Audio, Drawing, etc.) as an attachment

○ Entry Categories: Essay / Video / Others (Audio, Drawings, etc.)

※ Participants can apply with more than one book and in more than one category. However, the participant cannot win in both categories at the same time.

○ Awards

Title   Essay Media Contents  Prize
 Grand Prize  1 person  1 person  800,000 KRW
 Excellence Prize  1 person  -  500,000 KRW

○ Notice:

- Plagiarism of any kind will result in disqualification.

- All entries will not be used for commercial purposes, whereas award-winning works may be used as promotional material through LTI Korea's digital platform.

- Contest winners may be asked to provide additional documents that may be required to receive prize money  and results. 

○ Contact:
- Operations Secretariat:
- Instagram:


Click here for the original event notice on LTI Korea's website.

Published: Friday, November 5, 2021