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[Non-CKS] March First 100th Year Anniversary

[Non-CKS] March First 100th Year Anniversary

March First Movement 100th! Korean American Heritage Podcast celebrates the legacy of the most crucial event in modern Korean history!

Saturday, February 23, 2019
10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Oxford Palace Hotel & Galleria
745 South Oxford Avenue
Los Angeles, 90005

March 1, 2019 is the 100th year of the March First Uprising and Declaration of Korean Independence in Korea in 1919. Korean American Heritage Podcast organized this educational seminar to recognize the most important event in modern Korean history. The seminar offers the younger generation a unique educational opportunity many Korean Americans have not experienced. The audience will have a rare chance to learn from a significant panel of exceptional Korean American speakers with insight and direct connections to the March First legacy. Please join us in celebrating our heritage.


Student admission is FREE, general admission is $20

For ticket information, please click HERE.



Date: February 23rd - Saturday

Time: Registration 10:30am. Event starts at 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will be a Buffet Lunch.

Multimedia presentations, musical performance, pungmul performance, speakers' presentations and an in-depth Question and Answer with speakers during last session. We want the audience to ask our speakers many questions, discuss what they learned and share comments.

MC's -

Ara An - Ara An is a community advocate with experience in human resources, political campaign, and community organizing. She was born in Seoul, Korea, and grew up in Osaka, Japan, for 10 years before she immigrated to Los Angeles. She attended UC Riverside with Asian Studies major, and has a heart to unite diverse communities of Los Angeles.

Ara interned at KAC Leadership program in 2015. She was one of the last students to speak with Susan Ahn Cuddy the day before Susan died.

Jessica Kwen - Jessica Kwen is a Human Factors Engineer at Illumina, a biotech company in San Diego. She is a recent graduate of UC San Diego, where she majored in International Studies—Political Science, minored in Business, and completed a certificate program in User Experience Design. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Koreatown, Los Angeles. In her free time, she loves taking hip-hop dance and yoga classes!

Jessica was one of the KAC Interns in 2015 hearing words about leadership at Susan Ahn Cuddy's last appearance.


AZRA is an Asian-American Pop recording artist, singer/songwriter, performer, hip-hop dancer, and model based in Los Angeles, California. This ex-corporate management consultant, author, and motivational speaker turned straight up entertainer is the next big rising pop star to disrupt the music industry. She released her first EP titled Freedom in March 2017. Since then, AZRA toured with The Plain White T's on their Southern California tour, performed at open mics, music venues, various schools, corporate and non-profit events around the country.

Her newest single "Skyline" was just released on all digital platforms worldwide.

UCLA Pungmul will perform traditional Korean music.


Dr. William T. Chu - is the son of Chu Yo Han who was one of the Korean students in Tokyo participating in the February 8, 1919 proclaiming of the Korean Declaration of Independence. His father played a key role in Korean history as a writer, patriot and economic developer. Dr. Chu has an amazing life story. Here is a brief view... For four decades from 1953 to 1993, Dr. Chu worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) performed pioneering research in clinical use of accelerated protons and heavier ions for treatment of human cancer. As a physicist Dr. Chu made important contributions in the highly inter-disciplinary field of emerging radiation medicine. He directed the original research in physics, biology and clinical use of the accelerated particles.

John H. Cha - lives and writes in Oakland, California. "My grandfather on my mother's side ran JeChang hospital with Kim Young (Kim Pil-soon's son) in YongJung, Manchuria. Founded by Canadian Presbyterian missionaries, the hospital was protected from the Japanese police and thus the center for independence movement in Manchuria. The March One Movement in Manchuria was planned and organized at JeChang hospital. John Cha has written several volumes of biographies about Korean and Korean American leaders and is an award-winning translator of Korean literature into English. His book titles include Willow Tree Shade: The Susan Ahn Cuddy Story; The Do or Die Entrepreneur: A Korean American Businessman's Journey; Exit Emperor Kim Jong-il: Notes from His Former Mentor. Currently, he is working on The Rite of Truth: telling/retelling, a book about his sister Theresa Cha.

Dave Young Kim - is an accomplished artist/muralist. He is related to Yu Gwan Sun - the Joan of Arc of Korea leader of March First. Here is an excerpt from an interview...

Q: Your life, both personal and artistic, has been about crossing boundaries. What is important about that for you? I think it stems from wanting to be a part of something that is bigger than me. I didn’t feel a sense of acceptance in my childhood, and so maybe it’s a survival mechanism, this ability to enter into different worlds and be accepted into these worlds somehow. Eventually, I lost the need to ask permission from others. And that became the thing that’s allowed me to achieve the things I have and hope to in the future. And part of it, too, is trying to understand who I am as a Korean-American, which I explore in the documentary I’m working on, called “Interlaced.” So I don’t know -- it’s a little bit convoluted, a little bit complicated, but different extremes created the way I engage people and community.

Han Kim - is a graduate of UCLA majoring in East Asian Studies. He is a native of Southern California. He is an accomplished Korean traditional music performer. He recently shifted his educational finance skills to UC Irvine after a productive decade at UCLA. He is definitely passionate about Korean culture and about the history of Koreans in America. Han is the Producer and Host of the Korean American Heritage Podcast which offers an alternative perspective of culture, history and heritage. Han has been playing traditional Korean music for almost his entire life. He shares his talents with student groups at many universities in Southern California. His favorite Korean food is Kimchi. He is a cartoonist and impersonated a North Korean Leader in popular YouTube episodes.

Flip Cuddy - is a graduate of UCSB majoring in Anthropology and Geography. He is half Irish half Korean 3rd generation descendant of the Korean pioneers in America. His grandparents Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and Helen Ahn were the first married couple to come to America from Korea in 1902. His mother is trailblazing historical figure Susan Ahn Cuddy an Angelino. Flip promotes critical and independent thinking grounded in truth. He takes his family heritage seriously and responsibly. He shares his knowledge of Korean and Korean American history and controversial opinions on Korean American Heritage Podcast. He was featured in Muhan Dojeon Dosan Episode #494. He was featured in the May 2018 issue of Stoned the Korean surfing magazine. He can use chopstix including the metal ones.

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