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Korea and Early Modern Eurasia: Book Roundtable

Korea and Early Modern Eurasia: Book Roundtable

Please join David Robinson, George Kallander, and Sixiang Wang for a roundtable discussion featuring their three new books on Korea and Early Modern Eurasia. They will be joined by KOH Choon Hwee, Assistant Professor of Ottoman History at UCLA.

Friday, May 26, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (Pacific Time)

306 Royce Hall

Please visit roundtable website for details. Here are roundtable speakers. To join the talk remotely, please register below. For In-Person RSVP, please click here

Here are roundtable speakers.

Dr. David M. Robinson is H.N Ho Professor in Asian Studies, Professor of history, Colgate University. He is a historian of early modern East Asia, most especially China and Korea. His most recent book Korea and the Fall of the Mongol Empire: Alliance, Upheaval, and the Rise of a New East Asian Order (Cambridge University Press, 2022) traces how King Gongmin of Korea navigated the single greatest geopolitical transformation of the world in the fourteenth century to rethink rulership and alliances in East Asia. His current project explores ability and difference in the realm of war and military institutions in early modern China.    

Dr. George Kallander is Professor of History at Syracuse University, where he is also Director of the East Asia Program at the Moynihan Institute. His book Human-Animal Relations and the Hunt in Korea and northeast Asia (Edinburgh University Press, 2023) focusses on animals and hunting in Korea from the 1270s until 1506. During this period, Korean statesmen expanded their influence over people and the environment, and human-animal relations became increasingly significant to politics, national security and elite identities.  

Dr. Sixiang Wang is a historian of Chosŏn Korea and early modern East Asia. He teaches courses in Korea's premodern history as well as the history of cultural and intellectual interactions in early modern East Asia. his forthcoming book Boundless Winds of Empire (Columbia University Press, 2023) is a cultural history of diplomacy that traces Chosŏn's rhetorical and ritual engagement with China. He is an assistant professor in the department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA.    

Dr. KOH Choon Hwee is assistant professor of Ottoman history at UCLA. She studies the history of the Ottoman empire through its horse-run relay postal system. Her work has appeared in Past & Present and Comparative Studies in
Society and History
. She plays the darbouka drum with UCLA's Ottoman music ensemble which will be holding a free public concert at the Schoenberg Hall in June 2023. 


This event is co-sponsored by UCLA's Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA’s Center for Korean Studies, and supported by CMRS Center for Early Global Studies.  


Sponsor(s): Center for Korean Studies, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Asian Languages & Cultures

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