• Photo for The Arab Gulf States and
  • Photo for Contested Sites in Jerusalem
  • Photo for Gender and Violence in the
  • Photo for Governance and Security in Jerusalem
  • Photo for The Israel-Palestine Conflict
  • Photo for Israeli Peacemaking since 1967
  • Photo for Justice and Peace in the
  • Photo for Non-State Actors in the Middle
  • Photo for Law and the Arab-Israeli Conflict:
  • Photo for The Political Ideology of Ayatollah
  • Photo for Reconstructing the Middle East
  • Photo for Regional Security Dialogue in the
  • Photo for Saudi Arabia and Nuclear Weapons
  • Photo for The Struggle over Democracy in
  • Photo for Track Two Diplomacy and Jerusalem
  • Photo for Women in the Middle East

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The CMED Routledge book series on Middle East security and cooperation features new and original scholarship on many of the most critical issues facing the region. Each book presents a variety of perspectives on a specific topic, such as democracy in the Middle East, dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian relations, Gulf security, and the gender factor in the Middle East. Aside from covering the key issues facing the region, the series also features a number of sub-themes under a single heading, covering security, social, political, and economic factors affecting the Middle East. All books feature a multinational collection of authors who, for political reasons, do not always publish in the same volume or collection. The uniqueness of the series is that the authors write from the viewpoint of a variety of countries so that no matter what the issue, articles appear from many different states, both within and beyond the region. No existing series provides a comparable, multinational collection of authors.