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Stewart Kwoh

Stewart  Kwoh

President and Executive Director, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles

Kwoh is a nationally recognized leader and expert in race relations, Asian American studies, nonprofit organizations and philanthropies, civil rights, and legal services. In 1983, Kwoh co-founded Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles, the nation’s largest Asian American legal and civil rights organization that serves more than 15,000 individuals and organizations every year. The organization provides direct services to individual clients; engages in policy advocacy, research and analysis; litigates impact lawsuits; and provides social change-based leadership training.

Advancing Justice | Los Angeles has successfully challenged garment sweatshops, English-only policies, racially discriminatory employment practices and unfair immigration laws as well as advocated for stronger protections for low-wage workers, limited-English-speaking immigrants, and hate crime victims.

He was named a MacArthur Foundation Fellow in 1998, becoming the first Asian American attorney and community leader to receive this highly prestigious recognition, often referred to as the “genius grant.” Kwoh earned his B.A. and J.D. from UCLA.