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Contemporary Chinese Philanthropy Literature Review

GCPI Working Paper 1: Zheng, Wenjuan; Ong, Paul; Wong, Karna (2014-2016).
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American Philanthropy Literature Review

GCPI Working Paper 2: Wong, Karna; Ong, Paul; Zheng, Wenjuan (2014-2016).
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Comparative Philanthropy Literature Review: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan

GCPI Working Paper 3: Zheng, Wenjuan; Ong, Paul; Cheng, Alycia; Wong, Karna (2014-2016).
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Foreign Philanthropy in China: A History

GCPI Working Paper 5: Mellors, Sarah; Lai, Yimin (2016).
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A Comparative Study of Charity in Four Chinese Societies--Based on the Available Data on Charitable Behaviors

GCPI Working Paper 6: Wang, Lilian Lih Rong; Liu, Michael P.H.; Lin, Franzi P.H. (2016).
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