Tuesday, September 1, 1992

1992 - 1993 Academic Year
Grant and Fellowship Recipients

Sasakawa Fellowship

Patrick Delany
Research topic: The emerging pattern of Brazilian migration to Japan

Elyssa Faison
Research topic: Taisho Democracy and Japanese women's history

Junko Goto
Research topic: Competing ideologies in urbanization and chiiki okoshi (rural revitalization) in contemporary Japan

Yoichi Kagawa
Research topic: Uchimura Kanzo: the evolution of a Christian pacifist

Eric Kwok
Research topic: Organization, technology and locational dynamics of the Japanese semi-conductor industry

Maria Pradel
Research topic: Research on Tenjukoku Shucho

Brenda Robb
Research topic: Cultural and societal constraints that condition elderly women's lives

Hiroto Takamiya
Research topic: Investigation of the process of sub-sistence adaptation in the prehistory (4000-1000 B.P.) Okinawa, Japan

Yuki Terazawa
Research topic: Medicine and gender in mid- to late nineteenth century Japan