Wednesday, September 1, 1993

1993 - 1994 Academic Year
Grant and Fellowship Recipients

Sasakawa Fellowship

Takeo Sato
Research topic: Contemporary Japanese history

Anastasia Albanese
Research topic: Role of Japanese investment in ASEAN economies

Jason Creigh
Research topic: Conceptualization of perceived human differences (physical, social, or cultural) in post Restoration Japan

Elyssa Faison
Research topic: Japanese women's history

Junko Goto
Research topic: Chiiki okoshi (rural revitalization) in contemporary Japan

Gregory McClain
Research topic: Effects of changing demographics on Japan's labor shortage

Carol Ota
Research topic: Relationship of American and Japanese contemporary society's experience to visual media and film's influence on each other

Brenda Robb
Research topic: Cultural and societal constraints that condition elderly women's lives in Japan

Kerry Ross
Research topic: Japanese and Korean colonial relationship

Yui Terazawa
Research topic: Medicine and gender in mid to late 19th century

Mayumi Yamamoto
Research topic: Comfort women during World War II

Eri Yoshida
Research topic: Subjective usage of some morphemes in Japanese discourse

Mieko Yoshihama
Research topic: Japanese women and domestic violence

Qinru Zhou
Research topic: Post‑war development of musical composition in Japan