Friday, September 1, 1995

1995 - 1996 Academic Year
Grant and Fellowship Recipients

Sasakawa Fellowship

Eiichiro Azuma, History

Elyssa Faison, History

Grace Kwon, History
Research topic: Economic change in pre-modern Japan focusing on the institutional structures provided by class formation and property relations

Masato Masakawa, Anthropology
Research topic: Nationalism and minorities in modern and contemporary Japan

Michele Mason
Research topic: Japanese language program at IUC

David Riggs, EALC
Research topic: Critical history of the 18th century reform of Soto Zen Buddhusm, with emphasis on monk Menzan Zuiho

Shigeki Sato, Sociology
Research topic: Comparative-historical analysis of the develop-ment of nationhood in Germany and Japan

Christine Schoppa, History
Research topic: Japanese language acquisition in the form of a reading tutorial during a 2.5 month stay

Yuki Terazawa, History
Research topic: Changes in medical discourse and practices in Japan from the mid-eighteenth century through the turn of the century

Leslie Winston, EALC
Research topic: Hermeneutical model of Meiji literature