Wednesday, September 1, 1999

1999 - 2000 Academic Year
Grant and Fellowship Recipients

Sasakawa Fellowship

Haeng-ja Chung, Anthropology
Research topic: Ethnicity, Gender and Legal Status: Korean Workers at Hostess Clubs in Japan

Michael Dankert, EALC
Research topic: Five Mountains Literature and the Chinese Influence on Medieval Japanese Poetics

Yukihide Endo, Theater
Research topic: Artistic and Cultural Background on Terayama's Theater

Naomi Ginoza, History
Research topic: Summer research in DC

Jing He, History
Research topic: Okakura Tenshin and the Oriental Art Collection at the Fine Arts Museum in Boston

Hajime Imamasa, Anthropology

Hiroko Inoue, Education
Research topic: Self Concept in Japanese Students: Its Relation to Academic Achievement and Peer Relationship

Jennifer Lee, EALC

Hiromi Mizuno, History
Research topic: Science, ideology, and Empire: the Cultural and Intellectual History of "the Scientific" in Prewar and Wartime Japan

Diane Riggs, EALC
Research topic: History of the development of Japanese Buddhist hymns (wasn) and their use in various religious and social settings

Benjamin Rosenthal, EALC

Ross Schaap, Political Science
Research topic: Institutional Change and Financial Regulatory Reform in Japan

Yoko Shirai, Art History
Research topic: Senbutsu and the Emergence of the Imperial State in Japan

Leslie Winston, EALC
Research topic: Female Subjectivity in Meiji Literature