Friday, December 3, 2021

UCLA Newsroom

Julia Clark, Yasmine Krings and Tatiana Sulovska are among the eleven UCLA graduate students who have been awarded Fulbright-Hays doctoral dissertation research abroad fellowship.

Julia Hansell Clark, Asian languages and cultures, will study in Japan. Clark’s research examines mid-to-late-century literature emerging from Ikaino, an ethnically Korean neighborhood of Osaka. Clark is interested in the influence of Zainichi Korean women’s writing within the broader field of Japanese literary studies and in the way that Ikaino authors engaged with emergent feminist movements in both Korea and Japan.

Yasmine Krings, Asian languages and cultures, will study in Japan. Krings will examine changing conceptions and representations of race, identity and social belonging in postwar Japan (1945–70s). Krings will focus on negotiations of “mixed-race-ness” of hafu and konketsuji, or Japanese people of mixed race — the latter term translates to “child of mixed blood” — and its relation to Japan's postwar historical trauma and future.

Tatiana Sulovska, history, will study in Japan. Sulovska examines avant-garde film, art, literature and cultural criticism in postwar Japan. Her study traces the theorization of both state and political violence by non-state actors as part of a notion that extends to the present and is thematically centered on the Japanese Red Army, a militant organization that emerged from the 1960s protest movement.

Congratulations Julia, Yasmine and Tatiana!