May 8, 2015/ 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

10383 Bunche Hall UCLA CA

Uemura Takashi (former Asahi reporter) Lectures in the U.S.

Uemura Takashi

Uemura Takashi, a former reporter of the Asahi Shimbun, is currently an adjunct lecturer at Hokusei Gakuen University in Sapporo. In 1991 he wrote two articles on the first “comfort woman” to come forward, Ms. Kim Hak-sun. He has been criticized as a "reporter who initiated the comfort woman issue,” and a “reporter who fabricated his articles.” With all the bashing against the Asahi since August 2014, intense attacks against Uemura and his family, as well as his employer, Hokusei Gakuen University, became a major social issue in Japan.

This year, he filed libel suits at Tokyo District Court in January and Sapporo District Court in February.

Uemura is visiting the U.S. from late April to early May to give lectures at various college campuses in the U.S. This will be a precious opportunity for those of us in the US to listen to his stories first-hand.

Photo: Uemura Takashi/Tomomi Yamaguchi, 2014; cropped. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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