June 5, 2015

UCLA Young Research Library Presentation Room 11345

UCLA Trans-Pacific Workshop

Friday June 5 & Saturday June 6

Hosted by Professor Katsuya Hirano, UCLA

 The 2nd Annual UCLA Trans-Pacific Workshop will center on the theme of “occupation”(領有) and “misappropriation”(横領). Last year’s conference, entitled “The Future and a New Horizon of Knowledge”, led us to consider the ways in which nationalism and neo-liberalism since 9.11 and 3.11 have reconstituted everyday life in their own images by hollowing out our memory, futurity, creativity, hope, dignity, and human rights. With this in mind, we hope to continue the debate by focusing on the key words “occupation”and “misappropriation", while including a diversity of other contemporary and historical issues.


Friday June 5th

9:45  Opening Remarks by Katsuya Hirano, UCLA  

10:00-12:15 - Panel 1

Chair: Sharon Traweek, UCLA

• Kevin Richardson, UCLA 

Social Movements History 


• Ryuichi Narita, Japan Women’s University 

Misappropriating Urban Space - Regarding Hirano Keiichirō's "Breach" 

「横領される都市空間 ― 平野啓一郎『決壊』をめぐって」

• Seiji Lippit, UCLA 

"All of Tokyo is a Black Market" 


• Mariko Tamanoi, UCLA 

“The Rights of the (Chinese) Child” in the Japanese Empire

Discussant: John Leisure, UCLA

12:15-1:00  Lunch (provided for registered participants)

1:00-3:15 - Panel 2

Chair: Ted Everhart, UCLA

• Bill Marotti, UCLA 

The Lives and Afterlives of Art and Politics in the 1960s, from Anpo/Anpan to Bigakkō

• Koji Toba, Waseda University 

Sakamoto Kyu and Nationalism via the United States: "De"-Politicized Pop Culture 

​​「坂本九とアメリカ経由のナショナリズム ―『​脱』​政治化する大衆文化」
• Sarah Walsh, UCLA 

Appropriating Revolution: Defining "avant-garde" at the Seibu Bijutusukan's Geijutsu to Kakumei Ten

• Ryoko Nishijima, UCLA 
Omotenashi in Late Meiji and Taishō Japan: From the ‘Welcome Society’ to ‘Japan Tourist Bureau’

Discussant: Mariko Takano

3:30-5:45 Coffee Break

3:30-5:45 - Panel 3

Chair: Setsu Shigematsu, UC Riverside

• Mina Watanabe, WAM 

Active Museum "Women of War and Peace Museum" 

• Emi Koyama, FeND 

What researches on contemporary sex trafficking inform us about historical "comfort women," or
vice versa

• Jennifer Jung-Kim, UCLA 

Appropriation of Women, Nationhood, and Memory

• Youngran Ko, Nihon University 

Hijacking the Memory of Hiroshima and Kwanju: Crossroads of 1980s Anti-Nuclear Movements and Support for Korean Democratization 

​​​『​HIROSHIMA』​と『​​光州 ​』​をめぐる記憶の横領 ― 1980年代における 反核運​動と
Discussant: John Duncan, UCLA
Saturday June 6th

10:00-12:15 - Panel 4

Chair: Katsuya Hirano, UCLA

• Naoki Watanabe, Musashi University 

Imperialism and Ethnic Nationalism in Colonial Korea: Momomi Keishu's "Brothers in Arms" (1941)
植民地朝鮮における皇民化とエスニックナショナリズム ― 李光洙の 時局演説集
• Ken Shima, UCLA 

Relics Against the Tide of Modernity: Japan's First Lay-Antiquarian Network and the Struggle to
Democratize Material History

• Mari Ishida, UCLA 

Writing, Violence, and the Production of Colonial Space: Ibuse Masuji’s The City of Flowers

• Hideto Tsuboi, International Research Center for Japanese Studies 

「〈転住所〉のなかで書くこと ― ​サークル運動史の中の戦時日系人 ​収容所内雑誌」​
Discussant: Chris Hanscom, UCLA

12:15-1:00  Lunch (provided for registered participants)

1:00-3:15 - Panel 5

Chair: Wakako Suzuki, UCLA

• Robert Stolz, University of Virginia

Appropriation by Over Accumulation: Pollution and Politics from Ashio to Fukushima

• Minoru Iwasaki, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 
Misappropriation and Resistance in the Memory of Disaster: Three Calamities over a Hundred Years 
• Hirokata Kasai, Tsuda College 

Hanamori Yasuji and Hokkaido: Subjectivity in the "Frontier" 

「花森安治と北海道 ─『​開拓地』​の主体性をめぐって」​​​
Discussant: Toulouse Roy, UCLA

3:15-3:30 Coffee Break

3:30-4:30 - Round Table 

Hirotaka Kasai, Setsu Shigematsu, John Duncan, Mariko Tamanoi, Katsuya Hirano, Ryuichi Narita


(Photo: UCLA Newsroom)​​ 



Free and open to the public

Sponsor(s): Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies, Asian Languages & Cultures