December 6, 2019/ 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

6275 Bunche Hall

Tokugawa Ceremonies of Light: Rethinking the Nikkô Mausolea

with Professor Screech from SOAS, University of London


This Friday, December 6, Professor Tim Screech will be giving a talk titled "Tokugawa Ceremonies of Light: Rethinking the Nikkô Mausolea." He is a professor of the history of art at SOAS, University of London. 

The talk will be from 4pm to 5:45pm in 6275 Bunche Hall (6th floor). Pay-by-space parking is available in Parking lot 3. Professor Screech will give a lecture and then engage in open discussion with the participants.

About the Speaker

Timon Screech is spending Fall 2019 quarter at UCLA affiliated with the History Department.

Screech is the author of some dozen books on the Edo period, inclusing his field-defining study of the Edo arts, Obtaining Images: Art, Production and Display in Edo Japan, published in 2012 and paper-backed in 2017 (Hawaii University Press). Perhaps his best-known work is his Sex and the Floating World: Erotic Images in Japan, 1700-1820 (Reaktion, 1999; second, expanded edition, 2009).

Before coming to Los Angeles he completed two further books, which are expected to appear in 2020: Tokyo Before Tokyo: Power and Magic in the Shogun’s City of Edo, 1590-1868 (Chicago University Press), and The Shogun’s Silver Telescope: God, Art & Money in the English Quest for Japan, 1600-1625 (Oxford University Press)

While at UCLA he will embark on a new project relating to the visual culture of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s deification.