October 23, 2020/ 5:00 PM

UCLA Library Webinar Series: Japanese Studies and Rare Materials on October 20, 23, 27, 2020

The UCLA Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library invites you to the Japanese Studies and Rare Materials webinar series. Leading scholars in Japanese Studies will introduce rare materials belonging to two exciting genres in the field. Please register for each session below and you will receive a different Join URL per session.

All times in Pacific Daylight Time

Tuesday, October 20 | 5 pm  6:30 pm | [Register here]

The World of Kohitsu tekagami | Prof. Takahiro Sasaki | Matthew Hayes (English transcription)  

Friday, October 23 | 5 pm  6 pm | [Register here]

Do all the Pieces Matter?: Calligraphy Fragments in the University of Oregon  Tekagami | Prof. Akiko Walley

The Yale Tekagamijō and the Digital Future of Tekagami Research | Prof. Edward Kamens

Tuesday, October 27 | 5 pm  6:45 pm | [Register here]

The More the Merrier: Japanese Premodern Prints | Prof. Akiko Walley

The World of Saga-bon Ise Monogatari as seen through the Enfukuji Collection | Prof. Takahiro Sasaki | Matthew Hayes (English transcription)

Any questions, please contact Tomoko Bialock (tbialock@library.ucla.edu) or Junko Tanaka (jtanaka@library.ucla.edu).

For more information, visit the Website and have your online question form for the Q&A session and a glossary list from this page. 

Co-sponsored by UCLA Library, UCLA Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies, and Enfukuji (Japan).

Download file: Sagabon_Kohitsu-Flyer-ro-ydt.pdf