type: graduate
deadline: 10/17/2016
amount: Varies

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University of Notre Dame
E: grri@nd.edu

Global Religion Research Initiative
Through six distinct competitive research and writing grants and fellowships, GRRI will distribute $3.1 million to scholars of global religion.

Through six distinct competitive research and writing grants and fellowships, GRRI will distribute $3.1 million to scholars of global religion.

Application Deadline:

October 17, 2016


All proposals will be evaluated by general standards of evaluation of scholarship, including (depending on their applicability to the specific fellowship in question) the following:


Does the proposed study address an important problem or question in research on global religion?
Does it account for and build upon the most important findings of prior research?
If successful, how will scientific knowledge about religion be advanced?
What will be the effect of this study on the concepts or methods that currently define the research on religion or other important areas of inquiry?

Approach and Methods

Are the conceptual framework, research design, methods, and analyses adequately developed, specified, rigorous, and fitting for the specific questions and goals of the project?
Does the project seek to understand real causal mechanisms involved in religion and not merely the association between observed variables?
Is the applicant aware of potential problems and challenges involved in their approach and have they thought of responses and considered alternates?


Is the researcher(s) well qualified to execute the project, including demonstrating a genuine interest in the study of religion?
Do the investigators have the ability to communicate the significance of their research findings well, perhaps even beyond academia?
Does the project involve recruiting or training young scholars in religion research?

Potential Scholarly Influence

How publishable will the results of the project likely be?
What scholarly networks or communities will the results engage and influence?
In what ways might the project help to build larger momentum of interest in research on global religion?

Financial Responsibility

Do the financial aspects of the proposals convey reasonable uses of funds and smart budgeting for the proposed scope of the project?
Does the project employ effective collaborative arrangements or take advantage of special opportunities or available synergies in the research enterprise?

Institutional and Collateral Support
Is there evidence of real institutional support for the project?
Are resources available to leverage support for the possible longer-term development of an ongoing research project?


Does the project employ fresh and creative substantive focuses, concepts, approaches, or methods?
Does it challenge or innovate upon existing frameworks or develop new methodologies or analyses in appropriately creative ways?

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