Chari Pradel
Associate Professor, Cal Poly Pomona

Art History PhD, 1997

Dr. Chari Pradel obtained her B.A. in Art History from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima, Peru. In 1985-86, she studied Japanese language at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, with a Mombusho (Japan Ministry of Education) scholarship. Dr. Pradel received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Japanese Art History from UCLA in 1990 and 1997, respectively. For three consecutive years she was granted the UCLA Dickson History of Art Fellowship. Before joining the Art Department at Cal Poly Pomona, she taught at UCLA, USC, CSUN and CSU Fullerton. Her research focuses on Japanese religious art, especially Buddhist art of the seventh and eighth centuries. She published “The Tenjukoku Shucho Mandara and the Cult of Shotoku Taishi,” in Images in Asian Religions: Texts and Contexts, edited by Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara (Vancouver & Toronto: University of British Columbia Press, 2004). Her forthcoming publications include “La Leyenda Ilustrada de Hasedera: Budismo y Sincretismo Religioso en Japón” (in Spanish), in Visualidad en Japón, edited by Amaury García and Emilio García (Mexico city: Colegio de México, 2008) and “Shoko Mandara: Cult of Prince Shtoku in Horyuji in the Kamakura Period,” Artibus Asiae 68.2 (2008.2). She is recipient of the prestigious Getty Postdoctoral Fellowship (2000-2001), and in summer of 2008, she received a NEH-CCHA grant to participate in the Summer Institute “Past and Present in the Study of India’s History and Culture,” in Shimla, Delhi and Agra (India).