Ross Schaap

Political Science PhD, 2002

Ross Schaap is a director at Eurasia Group where he leads the Comparative Analytics practice group which is responsible for comparative analysis including developing quantitative methods for the research platform. He also covers Japan for the Asia practice group. Ross received a PhD in political science from UCLA and a master's degree in Asian studies (focused on Japan) from the University of Hawaii. His academic research focused on the relationship between political institutions, incentives, economic regulatory policy, and economic outcomes. He has lived and researched extensively in Japan, conducting empirical research on Japanese financial deregulation and the relationship between regulatory policy design and market outcomes.

Previously, Ross worked as a visiting professor at the University of California, in the Davis Department of Political Science. He spent the 2003-2004 academic year as a research fellow in Harvard University's Program on US-Japan relations at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. He has published articles on financial regulatory reform and the domestic politics of banking in Japan, and presented papers at numerous professional conferences.