Sharon Traweek
Associate Professor, Gender Studies, History
Department of History, Department of Gender Studies

Sharon Traweek teaches and conducts research on 20th and 21st century “technosciences,” attending to their embodied gendered performance of subject formation of expertise, knowledge crafting, migration, and narrative practices, including their strategic engagements with the global political economies in which they are embedded. She is active is studies of the aftermath of the 3.11 quake, tsunami, and reactor failures. Her ethnographic, archival, and theoretical work is informed by feminist epistemology and science studies, plus debates about affect, governmentalitym intersectionality, performance, and practice. She is now engaged in or advising research collaborations based in Denmark, Japan, Sweden, UK, and the US. She has worked with graduate students engaged in studies of how media, public health, reproduction, science, sex work, and technology are part of Japanese nation-state formation from the 17th to 20th centuries. Former students and postdoctoral researchers with whom she has worked are now faculty members, researchers, and administrators at colleges and universities in Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Qatar, South Africa, Sweden, and the US.

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