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UCLA's Korean Studies program also benefits from UCLA's exceptional library resources. UCLA's Young Research Library ranks with Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley, as one of the top three research libraries in the country, with some six-million volumes in its collections. The Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library ranked thirteenth in holdings nationally in the 1992-93 Committee for East Asian Libraries survey. Although only established in 1948, making it one of the youngest major collections in the country, its additions in the last five years place it among the six fastest growing East Asian collections in the United States.

The East Asian Library has begun aggressively to assemble a solid collection of Korean research materials and is now ranked seventh among university libraries in the size of its holdings. Its collection features some 45,000 volumes in the Korean language, with emphasis on literature, religion and history. The Korean Collection receives large numbers of book donations, with donors ranging from major foundations to interested individuals. In addition, the library was recently designated the first foreign depository library for publications issued by the government of the Republic of Korea, creating a major archive for contemporary Korean Studies at UCLA. All of the Korean holdings are now on-line and are accessible via UCLA library webpage ( Please contact JaEun Ku (, Korean studies librarian, if you have any questions on Korean collection at East Asian library or any Korean materials requests.

For more information on the East Asian Library, please visit their web site.

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Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2013