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Witnessing the pandemic with the Navajo Nation (Diné Bikéyah)

Eugénie Clement, a visiting graduate student researcher at UCLA, spent June through September 2020 working with mutal aid groups in New Mexico responding to the Covid-19 crisis being experienced by the Navajo Nation (Diné Bikéyah in the Diné language).

Indigenous history of the Spanish colonial era

Kevin Terraciano describes how he became interested in the indigenous history of colonial Mexico, his current research and the digital Florentine Codex project that he cofounded at the Getty Research Institute.

Central Americans have long migrated north—today, their studies are getting their due

A Los Angeles Times article explores the work of Leisy Abrego and Cecilia Menjívar, leading Salvadoran scholars on Central American migration.

In Memoriam: Dr. William 'Billy' Cunningham

A National Leader in Addressing Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities Among Vulnerable Populations

Transnational students invisible in Mexican education system

Mexican schools are failing to recognize the unique value and needs of ethnically Mexican students who immigrated from the United States after spending years in the American education system, said scholars in a recent discussion.

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