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Hello my name is Nadia


Indonesian and English transcripts

Indonesian and English transcripts

(Informal) Halo apa kabar? Namaku Nadia. Siapa namamu?

Hi, how are you? My name's Nadia. What's your name?


halo = hi, hello
apa kabar = how are you?
apa = what
kabar = news
namaku = my name (informal )
nama = name
aku = I, my (informal)
Siapa namamu? = What is your name?
siapa = who
kamu = you, your (formal)


  • WH-questions concerning names/people use siapa "who" instead of apa "what"
  • Informal versions:
    • Question: Siapa namamu? (suffix -mu in namamu derives from kamu 'informal you or your')
    • Respond: Namaku Ratna.  (suffix -ku in namaku derives from aku 'informal I or my)


Published: Tuesday, July 27, 2010