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Khastegari (Finding a Suitor)

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Music Is My Language


What Do They Teach at School?

UCLA in Shanghai: "Expo 360" features UCLA Travel Study Students

ICS English-language television segment of UCLA Students Studying Shanghai Expo 2010

Campus Welcomes Whirlwind Visits by Heads of State

The presidents of Chile, Croatia and the Dominican Republic descended on UCLA with their entourages over a five-day span Sept. 24-28. The dignitaries held meetings with Chancellor Gene Block and university, state and city officials and forged international partnerships in education, research, environmental issues and other areas.

Artist Focuses Camera on Arctic North

Rebeca Méndez, a professor in the Department of Design|Media Arts, films and photographs nature from the Sahara Desert in Africa to the glaciers of Iceland. Next month, she will go on the adventure of a lifetime to the Arctic north.

International Students Adjust to Campus Culture

About 835 new international freshmen and transfer students enrolled at UCLA this academic year, compared with 570 last year. Nearly 1,000 new international graduate students also will be attending the university this year.

10 Questions for Jared Diamond on Global Collapse

Diamond's 2005 book and now a National Geographic documentary, "Collapse" juxtaposes America's future with the demise of the Roman Empire and other failed civilizations as a warning that we are hurtling down the same path.

Unique Archive of Language Materials Extends Scope

The UCLA Language Materials Project, a database for teachers of less-studied languages, has won $500,000 from the Education Department to add digital instructional materials to its archive. But what an archive. With high-quality images of ephemera and hard-to-find foreign stuff, the website is part resource guide and part travel scrapbook for the global village.

Brazilian Film Expert Randal Johnson Leads International Studies During Search

The interim vice provost of international studies, Johnson says that he and the International Institute won't "sit still" in 2010-11. His job for the year includes travel to build relationships with institutions abroad and collaboration with units across campus on internationalizing higher education.

10 Questions for Sebastián Edwards

UCLA novelist and economist Sebastián Edwards on Venezuela, Brazil, Chile and the false promise of Populism.

Streetscapes of L.A., Paris, Berlin Come to Fowler Sept. 19

Red-brick warehouse facades, cinderblock walls lining thoroughfares, wooden barriers at construction sites, and fences surrounding vacant lots become prominent sites for open-air, and largely unofficial, artistic expression in Larry Yust's "photographic elevations."

Monochrome Ceramics from Ancient Mexico in Fall Fowler Exhibit

Since many of the works were contemporaneous with brilliantly painted Mesoamerican ceramics, they are understood to reflect a conscious artistic choice to stand apart from those polychrome arts.

Area Studies, Language Programs Win Almost $11 Million from Education Department

Over the coming four years, the UCLA International Institute's renowned programs on East Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Near East, Southeast Asia and heritage language education anticipate federal support of $6.7 million for language instruction, public programming, outreach to local schools, and more. Five centers will distribute nearly $4.3 million in Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships to UCLA undergraduate and graduate students.

Exhibit Features Weavers

The UCLA Fowler Museum's exhibition "Weavers' Stories From Island Southeast Asia" focuses on traditional cloth and the women behind the looms. The show runs concurrently with "Nini Towok's Spinning Wheel: Cloth and the Cycle of Life in Kerek, Java," reports The Daily Bruin.

UCLA Author's Latest Novel: a Mother, a Nanny and Hard Choices

"My Hollywood," is a story of two women--Claire, a composer and new mother, and Lola, a nanny with five children back home in the Philippines--whose lives become intimately entwined through Claire's son, William.

Mandarin Teachers Gain Training at UCLA

Instructors travel from China to L.A. campus to learn U.S. classroom culture, reports UCLA's student newspaper The Daily Bruin.

Russian Student Film Festival

June 4, 2010. See the program and watch the films on line.

Local US Languages and How to Teach Them

Schools and colleges don't always ask who their students are when deciding which languages to teach and how to design curricula. Seeking to remedy that, UCLA's National Heritage Language Resource Center hosts a week-long training workshop for language instructors and K-12 administrators from across the country.

David Gere: Enlisting Art to End AIDS

Since a trip the World Arts & Cultures professor made to India in 2004, "Make Art/Stop AIDS" has grown into a project of international stature, with a worldwide network of artists intervening in the AIDS epidemic.

Russian Popular Culture: Experiments in Consolation and Anti-Glamour

An interview with Professor David Macfadyen, UCLA Slavic Department

'Everyday Selves' Are Focus of the 2nd Indonesian Studies Conference

The second annual conference of the UCLA Indonesian Studies Program draws scholars together to think about "Indonesian Subjectivities."

Fowler Museum Will Close for Two Weeks

In order to fulfill UCLA budgetary requirements, the Fowler Museum will be closed to the public for approximately two weeks, beginning July 4. The museum's galleries will reopen to the public on July 21.

Dutch University Seeks UCLA's Help with Diversity Issues

For the past eight years, Dutch college officials have been traveling to Westwood to learn how UCLA promotes a multicultural campus. The Dutch delegations are grappling with such issues as xenophobia in their own country, where Muslims make up the largest immigrant group. This summer, VU University Amsterdam signed an agreement with UCLA to work together on promoting diversity by organizing student exchanges, research collaborations and educational programs.

A Portrait of Teshome H. Gabriel, 1939-2010

The family of Professor Teshome H. Gabriel, who died on Tuesday, June 15, has shared a brief biography of the Ethiopian-born scholar of Third World Cinema who found a home at UCLA.

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