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One for all, and all for one: The Japan Center's Graduate Student Symposium

The Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies faces its share of challenges. Not least of all the question of how to do so much in such little time.

Anime's 'Transnational Geekdom'

Mizuko Ito explores anime culture in Japan and its popularity abroad.

Professors Caught in the Machine

South Korean universities are losing their ideals, says Kang Nae-hui.

Chaos and Hope for Writers of History

Carol Gluck urges historians to seek new directions, quick.

Changing Times for Japanese Sex Workers

In medieval Japan, sexual entertainers and their customers enjoyed great freedoms until a growing orthodoxy stifled their trade, Janet Goodwin tells a UCLA audience.

UCLA Club Reaches Out to Families with Children from China

The UCLA-based Chinese Cultural Dance Club works with area youth, including children adopted from China.

Making Up for Minamata

Japanese literary scholar Keiko Kanai reviews a half-century of social activism on the issue of compensation for the people of Minamata, Japan, a bayside town poisoned by industrial waste in 1955.

Welcome to the IUC Japan

Sometimes, language instruction at your home institution isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Which is where the IUC comes in...

Fighting HIV in the Golden Triangle

UCLA researchers find grassroots approaches to curbing the spread of HIV in China and Vietnam.

Unforced Devotions

Ritual-filled lives of 13th-century Japanese nuns at Hokkeji were rich, says USC scholar Lori Meeks.

Institute brings East Asia to K-12 teachers

Mandated to teach about Asia, too few teachers are prepared to do so. A UCLA Asia Institute seminar addresses this need.

Japan and the Emancipator

Harvard history professor Daniel Botsman discusses the progress and plight of Japan's Burakumin under Meiji rule.

Q&A: Eric Hayot

A Global Fellow at the International Institute takes up queries on torture, Abu Ghraib, the adoption of Chinese girls, and success in academia.

Koizumi Games the System

Tactics, not issues, were key to the LDP's landslide win in Japan, argues UCLA Professor Emeritus Hans Baerwald.

Sorgenfrei's Last Stand

UCLA professor Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei speaks out on the sometimes frightful, but mostly delightful, process behind her landmark book, Unspeakable Acts: The Avant-Garde Theatre of Terayama Shuji and Postwar Japan.

Dual Citizenship: The Two Sides of Thomas Rimer

Recently appointed Terasaki Chair Thomas Rimer discusses U.S.-Japan relations, cultural diversity, and integration.

Japan's Economy Steamrolls Back

In an excerpt from a longer Chicago Tribute opinion piece, UCLA professor Sanford M. Jacoby argues that Japan's economy is back on track.

Schaberg and Yan to head UCLA Center for Chinese Studies

Two young, yet distinguished, scholars take over as co-directors of one of America's top China programs.

Lotus Steps 2005 -- UCLA's Chinese Cultural Dance Club

Highly-regarded student-led program brings dance to Los Angeles audiences. Beyond its performances, the club also provides training for pre-teen students.

UCLA's Yunxiang Yan receives Association for Asian Studies China Book Prize

Levenson prize-winning Private Life Under Socialism shows how Chinese villagers, including young women, are increasingly demanding autonomy and privacy.

Mao and Markets -- Business the Chinese Way

Nick Steele, a student in last year's Shanghai Global Institute, discusses working in a rapidly changing China.

The Future of the Greater China Economy

The Third Wilbur K. Woo Conference on the Greater China Economy held at UCLA

Study Globalization in China

UCLA's unique summer program combines courses on globalization, language, with field study in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

John Duncan Presents Stanley Spector Lecture at Washington University

UCLA historian speaks on "Non-Elite Identities in the Late Choson: Questions of Ethnicity, Status, and Conflict."

Lothar von Falkenhausen delivers Washington University's Nelson Wu Lecture

UCLA Art Historian speaks on "The Musical Archaeology of Ancient China: A Presentation of Art and Music"

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