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Global Fellow, Visiting Korean Scholar Tell Daily Bruin about Their Experiences in America

UCLA Daily Bruin interviews Austin Harrington and Sung Deuk-Oak on their experiences in the United States.

Hong Kong and Political Change in China: Let the Small Teach the Big

Christine Loh, CEO of Hong Kong think tank Civic Exchange, discusses Hong Kong and the future of political reform in China

Japanese Consul General Meets with UCLA Administrators & Faculty

Consul General Nomoto is briefed on Japanese Studies at UCLA

Genji in Graphic Detail: Manga Versions of the Tale of Genji

Lynne Miyake (Pomona College) dissects comic-book adaptations of the classical novel Genji monogatari

Zheng He's Voyages of Discovery

Noted oceanic scientist Jin Wu discusses the 15th century expeditions of the Chinese mariner Zheng He & the celebration of the 600th anniversary of his first voyage

Japanese Brazilian Return Migration and the Making of Japan's Newest Immigrant Minority

Dr. Takeyuki Tsuda (UC San Diego) asks: Are Japanese Brazilian Migrants in Japan a Transnational Community?

Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking in Japan

UCLA Anthropologist reports that one injured woman in seven who is hospitalized in Japan is the victim of spousal violence, while 100,000 women a year are imported as sex workers from poor Asian countries.

Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture Explores the Self-Images of Buddhist Monks over the Centuries

Raoul Birnbaum delivers 16th lecture in venerable series at UCLA's Fowler Museum of Cultural History

SARS and Asia: Public Health, Political, Social, and Economic Implications

Having taken the lives and livelihoods of many, SARS reminds the rest of us of how interconnected our lives and economies have become. This Asia Institute-sponsored symposium helped many learn more about SARS and how it is affecting Asia -- and us.

Bush Administration Risks Second Korean War, Historian Warns

Distinguished historian of Korea James Palais tells UCLA audience that Washington misreads North Korea's intentions and endangers Koreans in South as well as North.

Two Panels Debate U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Options

Chancellor Carnesale, other experts, examine the history and future of Korean Peninsula.

Distinguished Chinese Political Activists Discuss Constitutionalism & Political Reform

Noted "neo-Liberals" ponder the choices facing China

Bush Administration Demands Higher Standard for North Korea than for Itself

Mark Caprio tells UCLA audience that both parties failed to live up to the 1994 agreement between North Korea and the United States.

Searching for Punk Rock in Korea with Tim Tangherlini

Meg Sullivan's faculty profile on Tangherlini, a UCLA folklorist, originally appeared in UCLA Today.

Engineers Learn from Powerful Quakes

UCLA engineering faculty traveled to study the Sept. and Nov. 1999 earthquakes that struck Taiwan and Turkey.

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