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Rail Transit Security in an International Context

A presentation by ANASTASIA LOUKAITOU-SIDERIS, Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA, at the conference on Security Issues and Impacts: Perspectives on Europe and Eurasia, UCLA, June 1, 2007

AIDS Fight Needs Course Correction, Say Panelists

Prescriptions for combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe include increased funding, focus on local disease drivers, and reassertion of public health goals over political concerns.

The Politics of Sexual Harassment: A Comparative Study of the United States, the European Union, and Germany

A book talk by author KATHRIN ZIPPEL, Sociology, Northeastern University

Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town

A book talk by author ROGERS BRUBAKER, Professor of Sociology, UCLA

Geographer Entrikin Steps into Top Role at International Institute

In more than three decades at UCLA, Nicholas Entrikin has led his department, the review of faculty promotions across campus, and the Institute's Global Studies IDP. Now he's taking on two jobs in one: overseeing the growth of UCLA's global relationships and building bridges among multidisciplinary programs on campus. He and Ron Rogowski, the outgoing vice provost and dean, talk about where the Institute is heading.

Promises in AIDS Fight Not Met

Focusing on Africa, former UN envoy Stephen Lewis expresses amazement at the passivity of the international community as the HIV/AIDS epidemic traumatizes women, creates orphans, and continues on its decades-long path of devastation. Listen to a Podcast of his speech.

Roots of Epidemic Still Go Unaddressed

Debrework Zewdie, the director of the Global HIV/AIDS Program at the World Bank, argues that efforts to fight the pandemic will come up short as long as "fundamental drivers" such as poverty, gender inequality, and the marginalization of high-risk groups are not dealt with. Listen to a Podcast of her speech.

Beyond 'The Crocodile'

UCLA literary translator Michael Heim and distinguished panelists revisit the life and the diary of Kornei Chukovsky, the Russian man of letters best remembered as a children's author. UCLA's Vyacheslav Ivanov recalls details of his lifelong friendship with Chukovsky.

Q&A: Nina Sylvanus

A UCLA Global Fellow discusses West African women's longstanding influence on a global market in textiles, and the emerging role of Chinese manufacturers. Sylvanus is organizing an April workshop at UCLA on China's role in Africa.

Growing EU Brings International Leaders and Issues to UCLA

Panelists from Central European countries discuss impact of integration, stability of democracies.

'American Islam Crystallized After 9/11'

CUNY's Mehdi Bozorgmehr, a sociology PhD from UCLA who directs a research center on both the Middle East and Middle Eastern Americans, explains the importance of religious identity in post-9/11 advocacy for groups affected by backlash.

Complex Issues Explored on Film

Documentary unearths different perspectives, definitions of terrorism and counterterrorism

An Iraqi Woman's Bleak Perspective

"I tried to imagine what I would feel like if I had to move to Sweden at the age of 72 with uncertain residence status and my family left behind in my own country which was torn apart by war," writes UCLA Fulbright coordinator Ann Kerr in the Palisadian-Post.

Is Democracy Possible in the Balkans? On the Debates in and on Bosnia, Kosovo/a, and Serbia

A public lecture by SUSAN WOODWARD, Professor of Political Science, City University of New York

UCLA Faculty Craft 2 New Research Fields

Under proposals submitted by Professors Andrew Apter and Rogers Brubaker, each with a collaborator at another campus, the Social Science Research Council will steer dissertation writers towards "Black Atlantic Studies" and "Rethinking Europe."

'Arab Style' Hits Bulgarian Province

Kristen Ghodsee of the Gender and Women's Studies Program at Bowdoin College has observed a Persian Gulf-influenced Muslim religious revival in a southern Bulgarian province. In one of two recent UCLA talks, she describes her project to work out how it happened.

Robert Brenner on the Long Downturn

Robert Brenner, a UCLA professor of history and author of, most recently, "The Economics of Global Turbulence," shares his long- and short-run analyses of the post-WWII world economy.

UCLA Live to Bring Spanish Flamenco Icon Sara Baras

"Neither a purist nor a modernizer," Baras returns to UCLA with "Sabores" at Royce Hall Feb. 21-22.

Surprised, Again, by Dutch Voters

A visiting historian and a UCLA political scientist analyze November's inconclusive election in the Netherlands.

Professor Wins Top French Literary Prize with Congolese Fable

Alain Mabanckou, a visiting professor in the Department of French and Francophone Studies, won the annual prize for his best-selling novel, "Mémoires de porc-épic" ("Memoirs of a Porcupine").

'After Bach': UCLA Live Welcomes Latvian Violinist Gidon Kremer

Joined by pianist Andrius Zlabys and percussionist Andrei Pushkarev, Kremer on Nov. 19 will perform celebrated works composed or influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach.

50 Years Later: a Look at Hungary’s Failed Revolt

Center for European and Eurasian Studies hosts visiting professor to share unconventional analysis of historic event.

UCLA Visiting Professor Wins Prestigious French Book Prize

Prix Renaudot winners become "mega-stars overnight" in France.

Austrian Ambassador Discusses EU Expansion with Faculty

Lunch chat with Eva Nowotny, Austrian ambassador to the US, also covers EU constitution, immigration, and the country's recent parliamentary elections.

70 Years After Start of Spanish Civil War

UCLA Department of Spanish and Portuguese presents Oct. 10–Dec. 5 film series on Franco era's bloody beginning.

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