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UCLA's Yunxiang Yan receives Association for Asian Studies China Book Prize

Levenson prize-winning Private Life Under Socialism shows how Chinese villagers, including young women, are increasingly demanding autonomy and privacy.

Opening the Doors to Global Studies

The first Global Studies course begins over 400 students strong.

France and Globalization in the Late 18th Century: The Kourou Disaster

Noted British historian Emma Rothschild recalls a terrible turning point in French efforts to expand into the New World.

A new way to learn

Global studies takes a holistic approach to education.

Two Economists Look at Europe's Economic Slowdown

Economic growth and labor productivity have been slowing in Europe as workers take more leisure time. Two experts look at why.

Three Mexican Governors Discuss the Future of Their Country

Overflow crowd hear governors from three parties speak on the new pluralism and Mexico's place in a globalized world.

Mexican Presidential Candidate Discusses His Country's Future at Burkle Forum

Jorge Castaneda is joined by Harvard Law Professor Roberto Unger in a wide ranging discussion of the future of Latin America.

2004 California NCTA Study Tour of China

Nineteen California teachers spend three weeks exploring China's rich cultural legacy and its complicated present.

Trade Blocs, Neoliberalism, and the Quality of Life in Latin America

UCLA conference explores Mercosur, NAFTA, and the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

UCLA Conference Looks at Expansion of European Union

European and American experts, the German ambassador, and former vice chancellor of Austria weigh implications of the May 1 accession of 10 new states.

Globalization's Missing Middle

UCLA Magazine features an article on the effects of globalization on countries at different development levels by International Institute Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett.

Zheng He's Voyages of Discovery

Noted oceanic scientist Jin Wu discusses the 15th century expeditions of the Chinese mariner Zheng He & the celebration of the 600th anniversary of his first voyage

Is Citizenship Being Diluted by Globalization?

Sociologist Saskia Sassen proposes that international business at one end and poor immigrants at the other are shaping a new status of individual rights no longer tied to citizenship in a national state.

Japanese Brazilian Return Migration and the Making of Japan's Newest Immigrant Minority

Dr. Takeyuki Tsuda (UC San Diego) asks: Are Japanese Brazilian Migrants in Japan a Transnational Community?

Storm Clouds over a New American Century?

International Institute Vice Provost comments in the South China Morning Post on America's current place in the world.

The Crisis in Argentina

Atilio Boron blames slavish adherence to IMF policies for Argentina's economic disaster.

America and the World: What Has Changed Since 9/11?

Vice Provost Geoffrey Garrett explores the post-9/11 world in first of Burkle Center public class series.

Global Gloom and Growing Anti-Americanism

What the World Thinks in 2002

World in Focus TV Program

A four-part television series produced by UCLA International Studies, The UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, and Adelphia Communications.

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