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Congratulations to the 2010-11 Alice Belkin Memorial Scholarship Recipients

The UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010-11 Alice Belkin Memorial Scholarship.

2011-12 Burkle Center Faculty Research Grants awarded

The UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011-12 Grants for Faculty Research Working Groups and Faculty Research Projects.

Amharic heritage language class to teach reading, writing, culture to Ethiopian high school students in Los Angeles

Rahel Woldegaber understands how difficult it can be to teach children another language.

Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala Comments on Dispute with Spain over World War II Era Art

Kal Raustiala contributes his expertise on the ambiguity of a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on a Holocaust survivor's six-year legal battle to recover a family painting stolen by the Nazis during World War II.

Summer School Enrollment Levels See Increase in International Students and First-Year Admits

Enrollment is flat overall, with lower interest from students at other University of California schools, reports the Daily Bruin.

UCLA travels to Qatar for conference

Leaders from more than 80 countries convene to discuss Middle East’s future

Brazilian Soap Writer on Creative Process, Power of TV

One of Brazil's most important and prolific script writers, Glória Perez, explains the genesis and the motives behind profitable television shows that reach well over 100 countries. The symposium was part of the UCLA Center for Brazilian Studies series "On Brazilian Cosmopolitanism."

Regarding Iran: No Good Options on the Table

More than a dozen Iran specialists gathered at the James West Alumni Center on Friday, May 13, to discuss that country's politics and global relationships. Fast-moving events in the Middle East and suspicions about Iran's nuclear program dominated discussion before an audience of nearly 250.

Environmental Education Is Failing: New Book

Schools must revamp how they teach about the environment to prevent ecological collapse, conservationist Charles Saylan and UCLA life scientist Daniel T. Blumstein argue in "The Failure of Environmental Education (And How We Can Fix It)."

'Violins in Wartime' Discussion Draws 100 Guests

In an event marking Yom Ha-Atzma’ut, the Israeli day of independence, members of the public and the UCLA community engaged in a discussion with award-winning director Yael Katzir on her latest film, set against the backdrop of the Lebanon war of 2006.

Multimedia Coverage of Iran Conference from the Pars Times

Pars Times is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news website that provides comprehensive information pertaining to Iran and the Middle East.

Iran Conference Participant, NPR correspondent Mike Shuster, reports on Iran in 3-part series

Links to series below:

Buddhists, Neuroscientists Come to a Meeting of the Minds

The symposium brought researchers from UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior together with eminent Buddhist scholars for a two-hour conversation about their distinctive yet complementary understandings of compassion, creativity, mental flexibility and attention, as well as the role mindfulness meditation may play in cultivating these qualities.

Matthew Alexander on CBS Evening News with Whit Johnson

Burkle Center Fellow, Matthew Alexander, appears on CBS Evening News to discuss the implications of enhanced interrogation and its role in providing critical intelligence necessary to prevent terrorism at home and abroad.

Getting to the HIV Test: It Takes a Village

If you want to improve HIV testing rates in remote rural areas, get the community involved, says UCLA's Thomas Coates, who has directed a new study examining HIV testing programs in communities in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Burkle Center Fellow Matthew Alexander's Foreign Policy Reflection on the Logic of Torture After Osama bin Laden's Death.

Matthew Alexander claims that the United States didn't need to waterboard anyone to get information about Osama bin Laden and discusses the negative effects of torture as a form of interrogation.

Fellow Matthew Alexander Appears on Democracy Now! Commenting on the Efficacy of Bush-Era Interrogation.

Former Military Interrogator Matthew Alexander claims that "immoral" torture slowed down the effort to find Osama bin Laden.

Matthew Alexander on MSNBC's Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on The Legacy of Enhanced Interrogation

Alexander discusses the long-term costs of enhanced interrogation use and its impact on the lives of American service members at home and abroad.

Burkle Center Fellow Amy Zegart quoted in CNN story “Is the U.S. safer today than before the 9/11 attacks?”

Amy Zegart contributes her expertise on U.S. attempts to step up domestic security since the 9/11 attacks.

Burkle Center Fellow Amy Zegart comments on KTLA on the meaning of Osama Bin Laden's death and its impact on the War on Terrorism.

Zegart discusses how Al Qaeda has grown stronger since America began its hunt for Bin Laden.

Burkle Fellow Matthew Alexander on The Ed Show Discussing Cooperation with Pakistan and Interrogation in the War on Terror.

Matthew Alexander analyzes possible trends in partnership and intelligence emerging out of the death of Osama bin Laden and comments on the legacy of torture and its effects on the international War on Terror.

38 Artworks from Major Bequest in Upcoming Fowler Exhibition

Fowler in Focus exhibition "Radiance and Resilience: Arts of Africa and the Americas from the Goldenberg Collection" opens May 29

UCLA Pediatrician Becomes a Voice for Children in Japan

UCLA pediatric critical care doctor Kozue Shimabukuro flew to Japan and joined a roving government medical team in the first weeks after the quake and tsunami. This week, she spoke to give a voice to the tsunami orphans still in need of help.

CISA Announces 2010 Sardar Patel Award Recipient

Congratulations to Dr. Tariq Thachil, recipient of the 2010 Sardar Patel Award, for the best dissertation submitted at any American university on the subject of modern India.

Cuts Threaten Fellowships, Foreign Language Tutorials

Fellowships that enable students to learn languages and study overseas are in jeopardy of being cut by 40 percent, along with the budgets of National Resource Centers and other units at UCLA involved in community outreach and teaching about the world.

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