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Terasaki Center rings in the New Year with "New Visions of Japan"

UCLA's Center for Japanese Studies announces plans for 20th anniversary year

Chancellor plants seeds, nurtures strong ties in Asia

Gene Block visits China, Hong Kong and Japan to expand the university's relationship in the region and to share the UCLA story.

UCLA History Professor Awarded 2011 Hourani Book Award

Professor Nile Green was awarded the Albert Hourani Book Award at the 2011 Middle East Studies Association annual meeting in Washington, DC.

The Lasting Legacy of the Great Game: ‘Pashtunistan’ Through Afghan Lenses

A talk by Amin Tarzi, Marine Corps University, Quantico. Part of the conference: Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes

Grad Student Interview: Janell Rothenberg

A video interview with Janell Rothenberg, PhD candidate in Anthropology

Afghan Historiography in the Twentieth Century

A talk by Senzil Nawid, University of Arizona. Part of the conference: Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes

Reclaiming the Past: The Tawarikh-i Hafiz Rahmat Khani and Pashtun Historiography

A talk by Robert Nichols, Richard Stockton College, NJ. Part of the conference: Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes

Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes: Opening Remarks

An introduction by Nile Green, UCLA. Part of the conference: Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes

Immersing in language, culture

The UCLA Confucius Institute celebrates opening of three Mandarin immersion programs in elementary schools.

The Euro, the Dollar, and the Future of the International Monetary System

A lecture by Barry Eichengreen, Economics and Political Science, UC Berkeley

The Politics of Trafficking: The First International Movement to Combat the Sexual Exploitation of Women

A book talk with author Stephanie Limoncelli (Loyola Marymount University, Sociology) and discussant Kathryn Farr (Portland State University, Sociology)

Brazilian Soap Writer on Creative Process, Power of TV

One of Brazil's most important and prolific script writers, Glória Perez, explains the genesis and the motives behind profitable television shows that reach well over 100 countries. The symposium was part of the UCLA Center for Brazilian Studies series "On Brazilian Cosmopolitanism."

Spring International Career Panel

A panel discussion on international career opportunities with Gary Bagley, Prof. Peter Katona, and Jim Newton, co-sponsored by the Burkle Center and the Undergraduate International Relations Society (UIRS).

Joseph Stiglitz Delivers the 2011 Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate and Columbia Economics Professor, delivers the 2011 Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture entitled: "America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy.”

Joseph Stiglitz: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy

The 2011 Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture delivered by Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate & Professor of Economics, Columbia University.

James S. Coleman Memorial Lecture: Oral Tradition, Religious Syncretism and Politics: The Example of Cote d'Ivoire

A discussion with writer, academic, artist and author of books for young people, Véronique Tadjo.

Before Orientalism: From Paris to Patna in the 17th Century

Watch video of CISA Director Sanjay Subrahmanyam delivering Vanderbilt University's annual Byrn Lecture on April 6. The Byrn Lecture is sponsored by the Vanderbilt Department of History.

Fading Friendships: Alliances, Affinities and the Activation of International Identities

In international politics "friends'' co-ally. But friendship is relational and contextual. Countries are more likely to act on common interests on a given dimension if few other actors share that identity. In contrast, new cleavages are likely to emerge as an identity becomes ubiquitous.

10 Questions for Russia Expert Daniel Treisman

Drawing on memoirs, personal interviews and other sources, Professor of Political Science Daniel Treisman, who first traveled to Russia in 1988, has written a sweeping study that covers roughly the period he's spent watching the country. Instead of pondering Russia's dark side or its "soul," Treisman in "The Return: Russia's Journey From Gorbachev to Medvedev" looks at Russia as a typical, though important, country facing everyday 21st-century social, political and economic challenges.

Melting Pots and Promised Lands: Early Zionism and the Idea of America

A lecture by Hilton Obenzinger, Stanford University

Lata Mani Rethinks It All

The esteemed postcolonial feminist historian's talk this winter, entitled "Once Upon a Time in the Present," proposed an alternate ontological and epistemological orientation.

Burkle Center Sr. Fellow Gen. Wesley Clark comments on the decision to eliminate funding for the United States Institute of Peace

General Clark discusses the reasoning behind The House of Representatives' recent vote to eliminate all funding for the US Institute of Peace, which plays a vital role in mediating international conflicts that no other group can.

Exhibit Touts Jazz Ambassadors' Global Impact

From March 20 through Aug. 14 at the Fowler Museum, "Jam Session: America's Jazz Ambassadors Embrace the World” will illustrate how some of our most famous musicians taught the world about the United States while learning about their host nations as well.

Silks and Quilts in Central Asian Cultures

Possibly the best-dressed scholarly meeting of the season, "Textiles as Treasures" looked at the place of fabrics in the lives and the industry of nomadic and urban Central Asian cultures over centuries. The March 5 conference was organized by the Asia Institute's Program on Central Asia; a day-long program on the music of the region is planned for April 1.

Food and Survival in Her Books and Her Life

Peek into Judith Carney’s background and you can understand her interests. "In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa's Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World," co-written with her husband, is one of two winners of the most recent Douglass prize, awarded to the best book written in English on slavery or abolition.

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