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Experts Explore Nuclear Issues

The spread of nuclear weapons is a pressing issue the United States must recognize and address, experts said during a two-day conference on campus this week.

Nonproliferation and the Nuclear South

Nuclear powers India and Pakistan were once on the brink of war, but India is now finalizing a civil nuclear deal with the United States. Speakers at a conference on nuclear challenges discussed how the South Asian nations are breaking the nonproliferation mold.

Conference to Examine Future of Nuclear Weapons

Former Secretary of Defense William Perry is scheduled to give the keynote address this afternoon, with Wednesday featuring panels and breakout sessions on more specific subjects.

Experts Discuss Power a President Should Have

Lawyers and professors from around the country came together at UCLA on Feb. 9 to give their legal and historical perspectives on the topic of executive power.

IVB Hosted 6 Foreign Delegations in January

Lord David Sainsbury led a seven-member group from the UK charged with reviewing the impact of national and regional governmental interventions in science and innovation.

Clark: US Failure in Iraq Rooted in Lack of Legitimacy

No amount of military intervention in Iraq can work without equal emphasis on robust diplomacy and political initiatives in the strife-torn nation, Clark said in a Jan. 22 lecture on the eve of Bush's national address.

He Brings International Issues to Public's Attention

In his new post at the Burkle Center, Raustiala said he will take advantage of UCLA's West Coast setting to "focus on areas where we can really move the debate forward," including Latin America and the Pacific Rim, while still "covering the waterfront of international relations."

Legality, Legitimacy and the Iraq War

Gen. Wesley K. Clark, (ret.), former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and Burkle Center Senior Fellow.

Lost in Translation? It's the L.A. Way

Three students, under the aegis of the Center for World Languages, part of the International Institute, launched a monthly online journal that celebrates L.A. and its astonishing linguistic diversity.

Robert Brenner on the Long Downturn

Robert Brenner, a UCLA professor of history and author of, most recently, "The Economics of Global Turbulence," shares his long- and short-run analyses of the post-WWII world economy.

Look to History to Understand Why Global Capitalism is Hated

Deepak Lal distils arguments from his recent book, "Reviving the Invisible Hand: The Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-first Century." Lal is the James S. Coleman Professor of International Development Studies.

Webzine Covers Language in L.A.

With student-interns as reporters, the UCLA Center for World Languages launches an online magazine devoted to the city's linguistic diversity.

Cuba Overheard

Elizabeth Dore's two-year project aims to let Cubans speak for themselves. She shared her findings at UCLA on Jan. 12.

Book Takes on Neoliberalism

"Pedagogy and Praxis in the Age of Empire" incorporates insights about the current effects of global capitalism culled from McLaren and Jaramillo's recent conversations with teachers, scholars and social activists in Colombia, Israel and the Palestinian territories, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Clark: Iraq War Legal, Not Legitimate

Retired General Wesley K. Clark, a senior fellow at the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, explains to a packed Law School auditorium that the United States has "squandered its mantle of legitimacy in this conflict."

Outreach World Website Lauded by Federal Government

Developed and hosted by the UCLA International Institute, the online hub for K-12 area studies has been showcased in Washington, D.C., and garnered praise from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

What Should America's Strategy Be in the Middle East?

A look at the policies of 11 U.S. presidents since the creation of the new Middle East in 1948 provides useful clues to a sound and viable strategy in the region, writes UCLA political scientist Steven Spiegel.

Nuclear War Can't Be 'Regional'

Any nuclear conflict would devastate cities and threaten global population through climate change, researchers say.

UCLA Receives Grant to Develop Heritage Classes

New UCLA Language Resource Center offers specialized instruction for students with background in a language

Welfare Fails to Save the World

"Whether or not there was a time for foreign aid, it is an idea whose time has gone," argues UCLA economist Deepak Lal in The Australian.

UCLA Digital Library Presents International HIV/AIDS Posters

Online collection of 625 posters from worldwide public health campaigns marks World AIDS Day.

UCLA Center Launches National Effort to Understand, Educate 'Heritage' Speakers

With a new National Language Resource Center, the federal government is recognizing that the preservation of U.S. language communities will not be accomplished with approaches aimed at monolingual Americans.

$10M Gift to Save Global Heritage

The gift will support major initiatives at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, including the recruitment of top faculty and graduate students, who will be able to embark upon projects and digs around the globe.

Report Gives Insight into International Enrollment

Though numbers have been declining since 2002-2003, a downward trend may be ending.

Dershowitz Shifts Focus to World Outside Israel

In talk co-sponsored by CNES, the Harvard professor and author argues "obsessive" focus on Israel takes time and energy away from the protest of other more serious human rights violations perpetrated by other countries.

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