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Middle East Moments

Four scholars uncover, try out ways of seeing early photographs of region.

Diary Gives a Face to HIV/AIDS Battle

Woman records experience on radio to bring patients hope, erase stigma attached to illness.

Diary Offers Window into French Indochina

A chance encounter with a rare original source took a professor and his students on a captivating journey through Vietnam. In a colloquium at UCLA, Bucknell U's David Del Testa and Los Angeles educators discuss how to share a 19-year-old woman's personal story with K-12 students.

Mastering Spirits

Columbia's Michael Como challenges traditional views of legendary 'corruptor' figures in the context of cultic ritual and disease in medieval Japan.

Bernard-Henri Lévy Warns on Anti-Semitism, Stage 6

The famed, if not always celebrated, French intellectual urges all groups to refrain from absurd, counterproductive 'competition of victimhoods.'

Nepalese Journalist to Speak on Benefits of News Blogs

As online publications increase in popularity, critics question their credibility as sources.

Construction Begins on UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology

Egyptologists and UCLA's best technology centers commence the heavy lifting of rewriting ancient Egypt's history.

Generations of Arab Women

Jean Said Makdisi, memoirist and sister of the late scholar Edward Said, discusses her new family chronicle.

Tainted Legacy

U. of Pittsburgh's Akiko Hashimoto examines the debate surrounding Japan's guilt over World War II.

UCLA Scholars Stress Impact of Heritage Languages at LAUSD Achievement Conference

Institute-affiliated faculty and educators discuss culturally relevant approaches to closing the achievement gap in Los Angeles schools.

Q&A: Lucy Burns

UCLA Filipino American theater expert says teaching is like performance, and scholarship and activism go hand in hand.

Senda Koreya: Theater for Change

UCLA's Thomas Rimer examines the life and art of a Japanese actor.

Anime's 'Transnational Geekdom'

Mizuko Ito explores anime culture in Japan and its popularity abroad.

Arts Activists Call Out to Human Trafficking Victims

Symposium on human trafficking is one of three recent globalization events sponsored by WAC with support from the International Institute. The others were a symposium on globalization and the arts and WAC's activites on World AIDS Day.

Chaos and Hope for Writers of History

Carol Gluck urges historians to seek new directions, quick.

Southeast Asian Dancers Illuminate New Course

A theory course in the Department of World Arts and Culture brings practicing dancers from Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia into the classroom.

Changing Times for Japanese Sex Workers

In medieval Japan, sexual entertainers and their customers enjoyed great freedoms until a growing orthodoxy stifled their trade, Janet Goodwin tells a UCLA audience.

Leddet and Gena Greetings

An Eritrean student and instructor explains her holiday traditions to KTLA television.

UCLA Club Reaches Out to Families with Children from China

The UCLA-based Chinese Cultural Dance Club works with area youth, including children adopted from China.

Transforming the World View of Minority Cultures

A program funded by the Mellon Foundation is creating an enlightened new perspective on the influence of minority cultures around the world.

The Rest of Africa, Televised

Plays, movies, soaps, news shows created by Africans can counter the stream of bad news about the continent, Africa Channel executives tell UCLA audience.

Making Up for Minamata

Japanese literary scholar Keiko Kanai reviews a half-century of social activism on the issue of compensation for the people of Minamata, Japan, a bayside town poisoned by industrial waste in 1955.

Middle Eastern Americana Archive Unveiled

Near East Center assistant director showcases collection of popular culture, artifacts, and memorabilia.

Vietnamese-American Dreams

Journalist Andrew Lam introduces his first book, Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora.

Welcome to the IUC Japan

Sometimes, language instruction at your home institution isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Which is where the IUC comes in...

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