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José Luiz Passos wins two prestigious literary awards in Brazil

José Luiz Passos, UCLA professor of Brazilian literature and culture, has been awarded two of the Portuguese-speaking world's most prestigious awards for his novel, "O sonâmbulo amador (The Amateur Sleepwalker).”

A Middle East “immersion course” for UCLA music students

Nazarian Center co-sponsors groundbreaking program promoting cross-cultural understanding through music

Chile’s Popular Unity coalition and the revolution from below

Conference panel finds that the Allende government (1970–73) presided over a push from below that resulted in significant industrial and agrarian reforms in Chile, supported by the Unidad Popular coalition.

New Course for Winter: Water and the City in Asia

EAS 291A

Cindy Fan named ACE fellow

Cindy Fan, interim vice provost for international studies, has been selected as an American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow for the 2013-14 academic year.

Prepare for North Korea to endure, not collapse

North Korea has always been a maverick Marxist-Leninist regime, following a distinctly nationalist path. Having survived both the normalization of U.S.-Chinese relations and the collapse of the USSR, don't expect it to collapse any time soon, said Charles Armstrong, professor of history at Columbia University.

Work of UCLA Confucius Institute highlighted in new video

The "Chinese Alive!" program at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles — a partnership between the UCLA Confucius Institute and the Foundation of Black Eyed Peas' performer, is featured in a new video made by UCLA graduate film student Lucretia Stinette.

Graduate student "localizes" Shanghailander exhibit at UCLA Hillel

Julie Kalmar, a UCLA graduate student in Information Studies at UCLA, seized the opportunity to add a local dimension to the “Jewish Refugees in Shanghai (1933-1941)" exhibit at the UCLA Hillel.

Exploring Israeli cuisines, discovering your roots

World Journal interviews authors of the "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism"

Robert Buswell and Donald S. Lopez, Jr., distinguished professors of Buddhist studies at UCLA and the University of Michigan, respectively, are interviewed about their newly published "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism," a reference work that defines major terms across the spectrum of Buddhist lineages.

Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language

The Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures at Texas Tech University cordially invites submissions for 20 minute presentations to its inaugural Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language to be held on February 21-22, 2014.

Ten misconceptions about Buddhism

Buddhist scholars Robert E. Buswell, Jr., and Donald S. Lopez, Jr. — authors and and co-editors of the "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism" — put paid to a number of false beliefs about Buddhism in a short article in Tricycle magazine.

Study of Brazil at UCLA spans many decades and disciplines

Brazilian studies at UCLA involves professional schools across campus, supported by the Center for Brazilian Studies, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the excellent Brazil collection of the UCLA Library.

Crisis In The Philippines : How To Help

Medicine, literature and the power of epiphany

Using stories, pictures and citations from literature to illustrate his points, writer-physician Abraham Verghese emphasized the way in which literature can help physicians cultivate the humanist, healing aspect of medicine.

FLAS scholarship prompts UCLA student to pursue master's degree

A yearlong Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship gave Michelle Sinness the confidence to become a Departmental Scholar, enabling her to complete a double B.A. and an M.A. in five years.

Humanities facing difficult challenges in both U.S. and Chinese universities

The study of the humanities is facing difficult challenges in both the United States and China, although the nature of these challenges differ.

In Memoriam: Professor Donald McCallum

Professor Donald McCallum, a distinguished Professor of Japanese Art History at UCLA and a longtime member of the Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies, passed away on October 23, 2013 after battling sudden metastatic prostate cancer.

Second Language Research Forum: Maximizing Student Performance during Intensive Arabic Study

We invite you to attend the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) and a special workshop, "Maximizing Student Performance during Intensive Arabic Study," which includes a poster session. The workshop will be held at the Sundance Resort on the afternoon of Nov. 2--but we hope you will join us for the full conference, which is being held.

South African archivist notes limits of transitional justice

Verne Harris of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory points out the limits of transitional justice and offers human rights archivists new lines of inquiry for the future.

Playwright, Prisoner, President: Celebrating the Life of Vaclav Havel

Lifelong friends, theatre professionals and fellow countrymen shared warm reminiscences of the late Czech leader and playwright at an opening reception for a UCLA Library exhibit in the Powell Library Rotunda.

U.S. power and human rights violations in Pakistan: An early chapter

Gary Bass examined the role played by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger in Pakistan before and during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 — particularly, their egregious failure to take action against the genocide in East Pakistan.

Daoist visual culture: Images of the inner and outer worlds

A lecture on the visual culture of Daoism by Shih-shan Susan Huang, illustrated with a multitude of drawings from historical texts, focused on the polarization of "inner" and "outer" images.

U.S. immigration policy missing a key element: The human factor

Immigration reform must shift its focus from an argument about defensive measures to one about basic human rights, contends Alvaro Heurta.

Consensus on Syria: No one wants the rebels to win

At a recent seminar convened by the Burkle Center for International Relations, a panel of experts considered the state of the Syrian civil war. Their general outlook was pessimistic, despite the recent real achievement of the chemical arms agreement concluded with the Syrian government.

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