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Israeli Diplomat Analyzes Mideast

The lecture by the newly appointed Israeli ambassador to Great Britain, Ron Prosor, was sponsored by the Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations, the Israel Studies Program, Stand with Us, and the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles.

Guest Professor Speaks on Israel, Middle East

Monday's talk by Shlomo Aronson, a political science professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was sponsored by the UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies and Israel Studies Program.

'Arab Style' Hits Bulgarian Province

Kristen Ghodsee of the Gender and Women's Studies Program at Bowdoin College has observed a Persian Gulf-influenced Muslim religious revival in a southern Bulgarian province. In one of two recent UCLA talks, she describes her project to work out how it happened.

A Spy Called Sorge

Terasaki Chair in U.S.-Japan Relations Thomas Rimer speaks about the re-telling of the Sorge affair in Japanese film and theater.

Princes of the Great Plains

They called themselves Ethiopians and religious leaders. UCLA Professor of History Robert Hill says we can learn from these imposters.

Into Modernity

Historians Harry Harootunian, Carol Gluck and Fred Notehelfer offer views on modernity and its development in Japan.

Professor Discusses Israeli Politics

Yoram Peri, a professor of political sociology and communication at Tel Aviv University, offered his analysis of Israeli politics during a lecture Tuesday afternoon.

Professor to Examine Military's Role in Israeli Politics

As part of an ongoing lecture series on Israeli studies, Yoram Peri, a professor of political sociology and communication at Tel Aviv University, is scheduled to speak today at 4:00.

Experts Discuss Power a President Should Have

Lawyers and professors from around the country came together at UCLA on Feb. 9 to give their legal and historical perspectives on the topic of executive power.

Speaker to Discuss Rights, Writers

Visiting humanities professor to lecture on African activism, literature, and liberties

Clark: US Failure in Iraq Rooted in Lack of Legitimacy

No amount of military intervention in Iraq can work without equal emphasis on robust diplomacy and political initiatives in the strife-torn nation, Clark said in a Jan. 22 lecture on the eve of Bush's national address.

Legality, Legitimacy and the Iraq War

Gen. Wesley K. Clark, (ret.), former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and Burkle Center Senior Fellow.

Robert Brenner on the Long Downturn

Robert Brenner, a UCLA professor of history and author of, most recently, "The Economics of Global Turbulence," shares his long- and short-run analyses of the post-WWII world economy.

Look to History to Understand Why Global Capitalism is Hated

Deepak Lal distils arguments from his recent book, "Reviving the Invisible Hand: The Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-first Century." Lal is the James S. Coleman Professor of International Development Studies.

Justice in the Grass

A documentary about the Rwandan genocide to be screened at UCLA on Wednesday looks at efforts to revive a traditional court system that brings victim and perpetrator face to face.

Group Combats for Peace

The Thursday night discussion was part of a month-long tour sparked by the killing of the 10-year-old daughter of Bassam Aramin, one of the founders of Combatants for Peace.

Webzine Covers Language in L.A.

With student-interns as reporters, the UCLA Center for World Languages launches an online magazine devoted to the city's linguistic diversity.

Book Takes on Neoliberalism

"Pedagogy and Praxis in the Age of Empire" incorporates insights about the current effects of global capitalism culled from McLaren and Jaramillo's recent conversations with teachers, scholars and social activists in Colombia, Israel and the Palestinian territories, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Clark: Iraq War Legal, Not Legitimate

Retired General Wesley K. Clark, a senior fellow at the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, explains to a packed Law School auditorium that the United States has "squandered its mantle of legitimacy in this conflict."

Brazilian Justice Speaks on Race, UCLA Book

Joaquim Barbosa Gomes, the first Afro-Brazilian Justice on Brazil's Supreme Court, and three panelists praised a UCLA sociologist for his award-winning book. The panel discussed racial inequality in Brazil.

Venezuelan Higher Ed Ministry Names Chair for UCLA Professor

Also in September, Toronto-based Chopbox Magazine created the Peter L. McLaren Foundation for Social Change.

Surprised, Again, by Dutch Voters

A visiting historian and a UCLA political scientist analyze November's inconclusive election in the Netherlands.

What Should America's Strategy Be in the Middle East?

A look at the policies of 11 U.S. presidents since the creation of the new Middle East in 1948 provides useful clues to a sound and viable strategy in the region, writes UCLA political scientist Steven Spiegel.

The Dao in Nara Literature

USC's David Bialock speaks about his research on Daoist influences in Japanese literature from the Nara period.

Privatizing the Post Office

Japanese politics expert Patricia Maclachlan identifies the challenges to the future privatization of the Japanese post office.

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