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Virus Related to Smallpox Rising Sharply in Africa

UCLA researchers find that monkeypox has increased 20-fold in Democractic Republic of Congo since 1980.

Making the World a Better Place, this Summer in Senegal

After spending their first four weeks studying in Dakar, 19 students will go to eco-villages in the Senegal River Valley to explore community development projects in public health, women's micro-financing, solar electricity and organic gardening.

UCLA Engineer's Telemedicine Invention Poised to Begin Trials in Africa

A lensless cellphone microscope receives three major awards.

A Portrait of Teshome H. Gabriel, 1939-2010

The family of Professor Teshome H. Gabriel, who died on Tuesday, June 15, has shared a brief biography of the Ethiopian-born scholar of Third World Cinema who found a home at UCLA.

Teshome H. Gabriel, 70, Internationally Recognized Expert on Third World Cinema

The School of Theater, Film and Television, The Los Angeles Times, and a UCLA colleague have published obituaries and appreciations of the Ethiopian-born scholar's life and work.

African Conflict and the Paradox of Change (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Myralyn O. A. Nartey, Doctoral Student, UCLA School of Public Health

A Conflicted Curriculum: Student Perceptions of Gender in Kenyan Social Studies Textbooks (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Kim Foulds, UCLA Department of Education

A Myth of Benign Humanitarianism, Militarism and Womens Rights: A Case Study of the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Amber Murrey-Ndewa, Syracuse University, Pan-African Studies

Chinese Presence in Africa: Trade, Investment, Diplomatic and Cultural Ties (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Tiffany Man, UCLA International Development Studies

Concept Analysis: Exploring Health Consideration for Aging Nigerian Immigrants in the United States (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Ann Anaebere, UCLA School of Nursing

Creating New Leaders: Youth Involvement in Community Activism in South Africa (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Amber Reed, UCLA Department of Anthropology

Hating the Postcolony Properly: Hip Hop Aesthetics in Kenya (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Natasha Himmelman, Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town

Human-Wildlife Conflicts and Maasai Group Ranches in Kenya (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Willis Oyugi, UCLA Department of History

Interrogating the Interstices of Race, Religion and Health in a Transnational Context (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Diana Burnett, Yale Divinity School

North African Women in Madrid: Intersections of Race, Religion and Gender and the 2004 Law Against Gender Violence (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Kristina Benson, UCLA Islamic Studies

Relating Modernity, Conflict and Sexual Violence: Discourses of Violence against Women in Post-war Sierra Leone (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Dayo Spencer, UCLA School of Public Health

Space and Time in Socialist Tanzania: The Dodoma Capital Project (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Duncan Yoon, UCLA Department of Comparative Literature

The Colonial Hauntings of Contemporary Gender- based Violence in Conflict Zones (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Tina Beyene, UCLA Department of Women's Studies

The New Progress Philosophy: Addressing Development and Psychology from the Traditional Perspective (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Marvin Boateng, California Lutheran University, Department of Public Policy

The State and the Performing Arts in Zimbabwe: Friends or Foe? (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Christopher Mlalazi, Villa Aurora Writer in Exile Feuchtwanger Fellow

Tracing the Development of the Code of Personal Status: The Tunisian Case (5th Annual AAA Conference)

Rayed Khedher, UCLA Department of Anthropology

Two Students Change the World, from South LA to Senegal

UCLA alumnus Brian Rishwain gave two $2,500 awards to urban planning doctoral students Ava Bromberg and John Scott-Railton, who brought an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to social justice work. Scott-Railton is working in poor slums in Senegal to help the residents counteract devastating floods.

James S. Coleman Memorial Lecture: The Development and Democratic Challenges of Postcolonial Kenya

Dr. Paul Zeleza examines the forces and factors that led to the 2007 election violence in Kenya.

UCLA Center Rings in 50th with Senegalese Superstar Baaba Maal

The popular Senegalese musician and his band joined a gala celebration for the golden anniversary of the James S. Coleman African Studies Center.

UCLA's James S. Coleman African Studies Center to Celebrate 50th

The anniversary event on April 17 will feature a concert by Senegalese superstar Baaba Maal.

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