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Venezuelan Ambassador Discusses Relations Between US and Region

Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, the ambassador from Venezuela, says that the political crisis in Honduras and the U.S. military presence in Colombia will be pivotal issues in U.S. relations in Latin America.

The State of US-Venezuela Relations

Remarks by his Excellency Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, Ambassador of Venezuela to the United States.

Through Food, Teachers Take Lessons in World Cultures at UCLA

Celebrating 30 years of teacher training programs on campus, the UCLA International Institute this summer dedicated a 10-day workshop to the theme of food in world history and world cultures.

Fandango Sin Fronteras

Exposicion de jaranas y son jarocho

Through Food, Teachers Take Lessons in World Cultures at UCLA

Celebrating 30 years of teacher training programs on campus, the UCLA International Institute this summer dedicated a 10-day workshop to the theme of food in world history and world cultures. Watch a video about the program.

Rethinking Confucianism

Professor John Duncan, director of the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, gave a lecture at El Colegio de Mexico on October 20, 2008, as part of the "Korean Studies in the Americas" project. Watch a video of his presentation.

Leader in Son Jarocho Revival Tells His Music's Story

Gilberto Gutierrez, a Son Jarocho singer-poet and master of the stringed jarana, explained how this once-popular music of southern Veracruz has not only come back, but begun to spread.

International Institute Cooks Up Recipe for Teacher Success

This year's International Institute summer training program for teachers, a 10-day workshop, traced the evolution of regional and cross-regional food cultures from antiquity to the present day in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Local Teachers to Eat Up International Studies at UCLA

Rice, chicken, tea. Sounds like a meal, but in a summer class about international food, these staples are a jumping-off point for understanding rice's role in globalization, how rumors about chicken quality represent distrust of the global market and how a British obsession with Chinese tea led to slave raids in the Philippines.

Research Tool for Latin Americanists Expands in Region by Giving Back

'HAPI: the Database of Latin American Journal Articles' has increased its subscriber base in that region by giving its online library product away in some countries and charging less for it in others. HAPI had flexibility to make the change, which shortens paths to knowledge for scholars, because of its good financial health.

Scholars Review Beliefs, Lore, and Anthropology in Caribbean

A conference last month on Folklore and the Politics of Belief in the Caribbean invited scholars to explore the transmission of African culture in the region and the way this hybrid culture was viewed by observers and researchers from abroad. The event was sponsored by the UCLA Latin American Institute and the Mellon Seminar on Caribbean Cultural History.

A Forgotten Presence: Muslim Migrants in early 20th Century South America

Mara del Mar Logroo Carbona, Assistant Professor, History Department, Florida State University

Cartographies of Islam in the Americas: Migrants, Converts and Devotion

Introduction by Professor Randal Johnson, Director of the Latin American Institute, April 3, 2009

PODCAST-Former President of Peru Alejandro Toledo: "Global Financial Crisis and the Fight Against Poverty"

Former President of Peru, founder and President, Global Center for Development and Democracy, and Distinguished University Fellow, Stanford University speaks on Global Financial Crisis and the Fight Against Poverty.

Mexican Writer Elena Poniatowska Addresses 250 on Literary Women

In a Spanish-language lecture on Latin America's women writers, the versatile and prolific Poniatowska explains that her vocation means something distinctive for Latin American women, and that passing centuries have brought little relief and appreciation for those who dare to make art.

Kal Raustiala: Will Bagram be Different than Guantanamo?

In this video, Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala discusses questions related to the release or transfer of Quantanamo Bay detainees as well as the territorial legal limits of the War on Terror.

eBay Has Unexpected Effect on Looting of Antiquities, Archaeologist Finds

UCLA archaeologist Charles Stanish argues in the latest issue of Archaeology that the antiquities market created by the online auction house eBay has reduced incentives for looting.

Chilean Poet Raul Zurita Draws, and Stirs, a Crowd

Raul Zurita, one of Latin America's great living poets and one of Chile's most important voices against dictatorship, reads and discusses his poetry on campus.

Institute Hosts Conference on Latin American Economies

The gathering of international experts extends efforts of collaboration and exchange by the UCLA Latin American Institute.

Argentinean Paper La Nacion Features Joint CNSI Argentina Conference

Laura Garca Oviedo For LA NACION (This text has been translated from the original)

The Hispanic as Crypto-Moor

A lecture by Anouar Majid, University of New England

'To Know Mexico Better Is to Know Ourselves Better'

UCLA is expanding its studies of and ties with Mexico with the creation of a dedicated center under the Latin American Institute and new programs of scholarly collaboration and exchange. At the inaugural event for the Center for Mexican Studies, speakers honored decades of service by UCLA's "dean of Mexican studies," Professor James Wilkie.

Universidad de California abre estudios sobre México

La UCLA reforzará las investigaciones sobre el país con la inauguración del Centro de Estudios Mexicanos

Obituary: Jorge Preloran, 75, UCLA Professor, Documentary Film Pioneer

Jorge Preloran, a pioneer in the field of ethnographic documentary film and a professor emeritus at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, died March 28 in Los Angeles following a 10-year battle with prostate cancer.

Toward a Pan-American School of Things Korean

Now in its third year, the Korean Studies in the Americas program brings students to UCLA from four Latin American countries, supports collaboration among faculty, and sends American Koreanist scholars north and south for lectures. Funded by the Seoul-based Academy of Korean Studies, the UCLA-administered program has begun to snowball, attracting interest in the form of travel grants for Latin American students and faculty members visiting Korea and the United States.

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