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Language TA Conference

TA Conference for UCLA Language TA.

UCLA Graduates Its Third Class of Southeast Asian Studies Majors

They come from different places and are headed down different paths, but share a love for Southeast Asia.

Rogowski takes the reins of the International Institute

After Geoff Garrett's departure, maintaining existing programs and strengthening new ones are the top priorities for the new Vice Provost and Dean

Terror on Mass Transit

Executive summary from research project led by Professor Loukaitou-Sideris, with collaborators from the Urban Planning faculty at UCLA and the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at UC Berkeley, aims to study terrorist attacks on rail and subway systems around the world with the goal of designing stations that are less vulnerable to bomb or gas attacks.

Fifteenth Annual Iranian Film Festival

Themes of loss, yearning, nostalgia predominate

Graduate Research in the Minasian Collection

Four years ago, when I began working on a project to catalog Persian manuscripts in the Minasian Collection of Middle Eastern manuscripts, I could not have imagined the journey of discovery upon which I had embarked.

Japan's Economy Steamrolls Back

In an excerpt from a longer Chicago Tribute opinion piece, UCLA professor Sanford M. Jacoby argues that Japan's economy is back on track.

The View from Damascus

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense

Congratulations to UCLA's 2004-2005 Asian Studies Graduates

Forty-nine students to receive degrees for their work on South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

Randal Johnson Named Director of the Latin American Institute

Distinguished film scholar and Brazil expert Randal Johnson has been named director of the Latin American Institute in the UCLA International Institute starting July 1, 2005.

Who is a Nazi victim? Constructing Victimhood through Post-War Reparations in France, Germany and Switzerland

a CEES public lecture by Regula Ludi, a Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Missing Histories of the Hmong

UCLA Hmong Americans search for their place on campus and their place in the history books.

UCLA Hmong Students "Giving Voice to Hmong American Experiences"

One UCLA Hmong student leader says the recent Hmong American academic conference shows that there is material and demand to introduce Hmong studies into the curriculum.

Syrian Ambassador Calls for Comprehensive Peace Settlement in the Middle East

Dr. Imad Moustapha addresses UCLA undergraduate class on Syria's relations with the United States, Lebanon, and Israel; calls for marginalizing extremists on both sides in the effort to end Middle East conflicts.

Former Secretary of Commerce Mickey Kantor Defends the Record of Global Free Trade

300 million people were brought out of poverty in China and India in the last twenty years the trade expert tells UCLA undergraduates.

Wahhabism, bin Ladenism, and the Saudi Arabia Dilemma

Gregory Gause, speaking on "Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia and 9/11," says Saudi Arabia maintains a delicate balance.

Future of Iraq, Israel-Palestine Conflict, and Central Asia Weighed at International Conference

Three-day meeting at UCLA hears reports on "The Middle East in 2005"

Godzilla and Postwar Japan

William M. Tsutsui (Univ. of Kansas) explores the role of the Godzilla film series in popular culture

Transnational Feminism: A Range of Disciplinary Perspectives

A transcript of the May 18, 2005 discussion by prominent scholars in the field.

UCLA Chancellor Carnesale on the Risks of Nuclear Attacks on the United States

Security expert Albert Carnesale looks at U.S. options to head off nuclear spread in North Korea and Iran, and the danger of terrorist groups with atom bombs.

Political Hinduism Goes Beyond Politics

A two-day conference at UCLA explores the way the Hindu right in politics affects the practice of Hinduism in cultures.

UC Regents discuss Sudan investments

For the first time since students began their campaign for divestment from Sudan earlier this year, the UC Board of Regents publicly discussed its investments in the country in a meeting at UCLA on Wednesday. Visit UC Sudan Divestment Taskforce

Greece: Lessons of Her Performance in the European Union

Professor Stergios Babanassis, from the Univesity of Aegean, discusses comparative studies of countries, Europe, Economic integration, International linkages to development, Role of the International organization, long term indicators.

Moving On

About to take his BA in Poli Sci, Matthew Gottfried looks back on his EAP year abroad in Cairo

Recent PhDs in Mideast Studies

Over sixty-five students have completed PhDs in Middle East studies in the past four years, in a wide range of departments spanning the humanities, social sciences, and professional schools.

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