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The Challenge of Enduring and Deepening Poverty in the New South Africa

By Edmond J. Keller, University of California- Los Angeles

The West Must Support Islamic Moderates to Fight Jihadist Terrorism

Counter-terror expert Boaz Ganor warns that Islamic terrorism is a deadly threat to Islamic moderates as well as the West, and outlines measures to reduce its influence.

Hajj Histories: Stories from Southeast Asian Pilgrims

A Cornell professor takes the leap from sundry to spiritual in his quest to discover the ancient Islamic pillar of faith.

Hebrew Language Teachers' Seminar

LRC Director to Give Keynote Address at Hebrew Language Teachers' Seminar

Darfur activism heroic

Heroes live among us at UCLA. Real, living, breathing heroes. I write now of the kindred spirits who compose the Darfur Action Committee.

Former secretary of state speaks with students

Global studies students attended class Wednesday eager to address their questions about current international issues to guest lecturer Warren Christopher.

Global Entertainment and Popular Culture

Special Guest Lecture by Gareth Chang, with Professor Toby Miller, UC Riverside

Schaberg and Yan to head UCLA Center for Chinese Studies

Two young, yet distinguished, scholars take over as co-directors of one of America's top China programs.

Warren Christopher Fields Student Questions on International Hot Spots

The former Secretary of State recalls the three most memorable political events of his long life and answers questions from students on today's global crises.

Hizbullah: Political Party or Terrorist Organization?

Yale scholar says Lebanese organization is in the process of joining the political mainstream

Lotus Steps 2005 -- UCLA's Chinese Cultural Dance Club

Highly-regarded student-led program brings dance to Los Angeles audiences. Beyond its performances, the club also provides training for pre-teen students.

The Rise of Islamic Extremism in Central Asia

Former Uzbek Ambassador to Iran and Afghanistan reviews the development of Muslim groups in his region as Soviet power faded and Saudi and Iranian influence grew.

Augusto Espiritu launches new book Five Faces of Exile at UCLA

UCLA alumnus breaks stereotypes in his intellectual history of prominent Filipino American writers.

A Forgotten History of Democratic Institutions in Mexico and Peru

Carlos Forment discusses his new book on the growth of civil society in Latin America in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Does Emigration Strengthen or Weaken Castro?

U. of Michigan sociologist examines the net effects of Cuban exodus on the stability of the island's government.

Five UCLA Students Honored with Study Abroad Scholarships

Three will study in France on Dan Wise Memorial Scholarships. Duttenhaver Scholarships will send students to China and Spain.

Islam in China -- a workshop for teachers

May 14 workshop looks at the history of Islam in China, at Muslim societies in China, and the lives of Chinese Muslims. Enrollment space is limited.

Vietnamese Diaspora on Film

The Vietnamese International Film Festival comes to UCLA.

Four Years under the Spell of the Superpower Myth?

Nancy Soderberg talks about her new book on unilateralism in U.S. foreign policy under the Bush administration.

Buddhist Studies at Top of its Class

By Vanda Farahmand of the DAILY BRUIN

Geoffrey Garrett on Globalization in Two Eras

In the first lecture of the new Global Studies course, the vice provost of the International Institute discusses globalization before and after 9/11, President Bush and the war on terror and opposing views about where the world is headed.

UCLA's Yunxiang Yan receives Association for Asian Studies China Book Prize

Levenson prize-winning Private Life Under Socialism shows how Chinese villagers, including young women, are increasingly demanding autonomy and privacy.

UCLA IT director creates Aceh photo journal, finds hope amidst destruction

Yoh Kawano, Director of Information Technology at the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, has just returned from Aceh. He has put together a remarkable photo journal of his time there that captures not only images of destruction that have come to represent the tsunami, but also the strength, resilience and hope of the Acehnese people.

Opening the Doors to Global Studies

The first Global Studies course begins over 400 students strong.

What the U.S. Needs to Do to Move an Arab-Israeli Peace Forward

Steven Spiegel criticizes the Bush administration for pursuing global goals in the Middle East while failing to address the specific issues that leave the region in crisis. He proposes a strategy for disengagement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

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