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UCLA's Yunxiang Yan receives Association for Asian Studies China Book Prize

Levenson prize-winning Private Life Under Socialism shows how Chinese villagers, including young women, are increasingly demanding autonomy and privacy.

UCLA IT director creates Aceh photo journal, finds hope amidst destruction

Yoh Kawano, Director of Information Technology at the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, has just returned from Aceh. He has put together a remarkable photo journal of his time there that captures not only images of destruction that have come to represent the tsunami, but also the strength, resilience and hope of the Acehnese people.

Opening the Doors to Global Studies

The first Global Studies course begins over 400 students strong.

What the U.S. Needs to Do to Move an Arab-Israeli Peace Forward

Steven Spiegel criticizes the Bush administration for pursuing global goals in the Middle East while failing to address the specific issues that leave the region in crisis. He proposes a strategy for disengagement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Premier Wen Jiabao Meets the Press

The full transcript of the press conference following the annual National People's Congress meeting in Beijing

UCLA Undergraduates help Professor Barbara Koremenos Explore the "Continent of International Institutions"

This spring, the Burkle Center is sponsoring Professor Barbara Koremenos' undergraduate political science course on international law. Koremenos is an assistant professor in the political science department and specializes in international relations.

Astounding to His Death

Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri

Give Health Back to the People

Taiwan, China, the WHO, and politics

UCLA at the 2005 Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting

UCLA students, graduates, and faculty present their research in Chicago on March 31-April 3, 2005.

European Trade Conference Covers Wide Range of Issues

Experts report on U.S.-Hungarian trade, Russia's power plays in oil, the Central European film industry, and EU trade policy.

Nuclear hotspots

UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale Speaks On Nuclear Proliferation at UIRS Meeting

Electoral Democracy Has Yet to Shake Mexico's Corrupt Bureaucracy

Alejandro Gertz Manero, Vicente Fox's former National Secretary of Security, points to the dramatic rise in drug use and crime in his country as proof that the reforms have gone only half way.

Heritage Language Workshop, April 30 – May 1, 2005 at UCLA

Sponsored by the UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching,organized by the UCLA Language Resource Center

Israel and the Palestinians: Is Peace at Hand?

Israeli Minister Matan Vilnai on Israeli security and negotiations with the Palestinians.

France and Globalization in the Late 18th Century: The Kourou Disaster

Noted British historian Emma Rothschild recalls a terrible turning point in French efforts to expand into the New World.

Learning from past mistakes

UCLA student writes thesis on Spain's transit security

Contemporary Ethiopia: Revolution and Transformation?

What is the status of Ethiopia, 20 years after famine relief? Why hasn't Ethiopia progressed as predicted? Former Clinton advisor for Africa, Gayle Smith, along with leading Ethiopian scholar, Edmond Keller, lead a panel discussion focusing on the state of Ethiopia. Where were you when "We Are the World" dominated the radio waves? Marcia Thomas of USA for Africa discusses the 1984 famine relief effort and pop culture.

Former BBC correspondent Philip Short speaks on his new biography of Pol Pot

How a Paris Playboy Came to Kill a Million and a Half People

Mao and Markets -- Business the Chinese Way

Nick Steele, a student in last year's Shanghai Global Institute, discusses working in a rapidly changing China.

Rebuilding the Middle East

Theoretical approaches, practical solutions

Candlelight Vigil Held at UCLA to Mourn the Dead in Darfur

Students assemble in the rain to pay tribute to the 300,000 who have died, as part of "A Week of Awareness, A Call to Action" on the continuing genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

Refugee Babies: The Lasting Effects of Tsunami Aid in Sri Lanka

UCLA graduate student Nimmi Gowrinathan, just back from serving in the relief effort in Sri Lanka, writes of how political and economic problems there will affect children for years to come.

The People Who Cover Up Genocide

UCLA panel looks at people and governments who deny or explain away the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, the killing of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, and the ongoing massacres in the Darfur provinces of Sudan.

The Return of Mao

A student recounts his experience as an intern in Shanghai, China

American Ideals, Not Foreign Policy, Thrive in Middle East

"America is betraying the values it taught us!" This phrase, uttered by one of my Arab friends from the American University of Beirut, echoed my feelings as I traveled around the Middle East visiting five classmates on the 50th anniversary of our meeting as students at AUB.

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